Single Coaching Sessions

UPDATE: As of August 2016, I’m no longer taking monthly life coaching clients.

You can read my post, “Knowing My Why and Finally Accepting It—Priceless” to find the reasons why I’ve stopped life coaching.  In short, it’s all good—a deeper awakening and accepting on my part—and the discovery of a more meaningful and effective way where I could be of service.

If you want real mind, body, spirit help, healing, and guidance then check out

Get  clear on what you need to do to create the ageless lifestyle you want.

Most likely you have an idea of what you want and need to do to have the kind of life you want, but something is in your way. There’s a disconnect, block, and / or fear on your part that prevents you from taking action and moving forward.

Perhaps you need an outline of the next steps you should take on your path? Together we can map it out like google maps by charting a step-by-step action plan that gets you closer to your dream life.

Maybe you want spirit guidance — to get the green light from the ‘powers’ at be? Using my intuitive abilities, you will learn how you are divinely supported in every way!

How about  a confidence boost? Let’s discover your strengths so you know what you should be focusing on to maximize your success.

From fitness to food, style to beauty, life purpose to spirituality — I can help you get clear, focused, and on your way to where you want to be. (Girl – I got YOU!)

Step into the role you were born to play!  Be the hero of your life-story!

“There are very few coaches who can spark and rearrange the way you move and think about things. Jeanne is one of those coaches. She has deep knowledge and experience, but she is able to communicate in a way that works for clients of all levels. Her approach, humility and humor always leave me feeling seen, touched and nourished!” – Lily Chan

How do we start?

Take my Life Abundance Questionnaire and see where your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are in the things that matter most in life. This way we have a starting point for you so we can measure your results. We want to make sure your efforts are leading you in the right direction — to the life you always wanted.

The questionnaire and results are free and emailed to you immediately! Click here to take the quiz.

Then what?

Contact me and let’s hash out a plan.

From the questionnaire we have your starting point, next we determine what your priorities are — where you want to see change first — and then we write out a step-by-step action plan to get you there.

But that’s not all.

At some point we have to see if the plan is working — we remeasure. If you’re staying the course, we rev it up. If you’re lagging, we change it up!

I’m here as your guide to make sure you don’t get lost and that you arrive at your destination. All the while of course — staying engaged, feeling fabulous, and having fun!

Listen to your gut and take decisive action today. Let me help you find the path that leads you to happiness — using proven techniques — to get you where you want, faster!

Coaching sessions:

$150 – 1 session

$700 – 5 sessions (save $50.00)

$1350 – 10 sessions (save $150.00)

All sessions are 90 minutes and done via phone or skype

Please Note:  All sessions are paid in advance. I have a 24 hour cancellation policy on all sessions.

“Recently, I’ve turned to Jeanne to be my life coach.  She has been an invaluable addition to my life.  Jeanne is helping me to awaken to my inner needs and to be more aware of myself.  Through weekly e-mails, EFT techniques, and crystal healing, she is helping me to heal myself. 

Jeanne is a wonderful soul who genuinely cares about her clients.  Her energy is just electric and dynamic.” – Tracie Ferguson (As seen on

“Jeanne is extremely effective and very motivating. Without overkill, definitely among the best!” ~Yelena Garcia

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