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Youthful Movement Series: Core, legs, and Back with Handstand Practice Part 2

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My Youthful Movement Series is about moving with grace, bending with ease, and creating vibrant energy.

A youthful movement practice strives to make a strong, agile, flexible, balanced, and energetic body to support an ageless lifestyle.

The exercises used are meant to carry over into real life; helping one to be more healthy, efficient, and less stressed.

Click here if you missed part 1 and to learn why inversions are good for you!

Remember, if you are feeling bad, don’t do the exercises.

If these style of movements are new to you, take it easy, listen to your body, and practice caution.

Ask your doctor if these types of exercises are good for you.

All the exercises can be done for time or reps. Choose the method that’s best for you.

I advice to do the routine 1x a day or at the least 3x a week.

The next video in the series will build on the moves learned each week. Each video will be posted on Sat for the month of February.

  1. Warm up: wrists circles, shake body, shoulder circles, neck bends, side bends, cross toe touch, knee-ups, and hip circles
  2. Deep resting squat pose – 1 minute
  3. Panther pose right and left with side kick – 1 minute
  4. Quadruped mini-pushup and back kick – 30 secs each side
  5. Kneeling squat single arm camel back bends – 30 secs
  6. Downward dog & upward dog – 1 minute
  7. Plank – 30 secs
  8. Kneeling run and prayer twist – 1 min
  9. Alternating kneeling half star pose – 30 secs
  10. Runner stance back kick and stand – 30 secs each side
  11. Cow & camel stretches – 30 secs
  12. Hollow-boy hold – 30 secs
  13. Wrist stretches – 30 secs
  14. L shape on wall with single leg raise – 15 secs each side
  15. 135 shape on wall – 30 secs
  16. Kick ups with L shape to the wall 3x each leg
  17. Wall handstand in tabletop position hold for time 2-3x
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