Youthful Movement: Inspiring an Ageless Body with Exercise and Inversions

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When I started this blog a few months ago I always had the intention of adding fitness videos as one of its components. Because of injuries and other delays, it has taken me some time to put the special fitness program that I feel helps one to achieve an ageless body together.

As it happens, my injuries were a God  send because they gave me time to reflect on my personal fitness goals which in turn became the basis to the fitness program I designed for Inspire Youthful.

As an elite personal trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Pilates professional, and dancer I have had the privilege to learn many methods of exercise. To boot, I have dabbled in  martial arts (kempo, tai chi, muay thai) with the fluid and power moves coming natural to me.

With my movement experience I wanted to create a system of exercise that promoted my ageless lifestyle. I knew this fitness program needed to keep me strong, agile, flexible, balanced, energetic, and it had to be fun.

I also knew that I didn’t want to get injured, feel too sore to move, or suffer any aches and pains from doing it.

At 40 years old, my fitness goal is to have an ageless body. 

I define an ageless body as a one with functional strength, agility, flexibility, balance, and vibrancy.

Furthermore, an ageless body is free of disease and chronic-pain.

Therefore, along with youthful movement, to have a truly ageless body, one needs to also have a health-healing personality, practice intuitive-eating, and do ageless beauty maintenance. I call these the four pillars of youthfulness.

For the month of February I invite you to join me in a fitness challenge to promote an ageless body.

I’ve designed 4 workout videos consisting of 10 mins of body weight exercises and 5 minutes of handstand practice to promote youthful movement.

I have a feeling your eyes popped open with the words “handstand practice?!” But hear me out.

I believe one must do inversions — where the head is below the heart — daily to have an ageless body.

Here are the 3 reasons why:

1. Inversions improve blood flow throughout the body.

Increasing blood flow will bring healing nutrients, oxygen, and encourage the removal of waste and toxins in the body.

2. Inversions are a de-stressor.

In order to have an ageless body one must handle stress well.

Stress ages the body like no other. It makes the body systems work harder, causing disharmony within the body and unnecessarily aging the organs, tissues, and cells faster.

Next time you feel under pressure or stress, get into childs pose, downward-dog, standing toe-touch,  and / or head-stand and feel how your body is put at ease almost immediately.

3. Inversions keep a person playful.

Maintaining a sense of playfulness in one’s life promotes an ageless lifestyle. Never lose your ability to play and be silly because those young at heart, almost always look young in person!

So get upside-down daily and see the world in a different perspective!

Here is the first video of  the series:

If you are feeling bad, don’t do the exercises. If these style of movements are new to you, take it easy, listen to your body, and practice caution. Ask your doctor if these types of exercises are good for you.

The exercises can be done for time or reps. Choose the method that’s best for you.

I advice to do the routine 1x a day or at the least 3x a week.

The next video in the series will build on the moves learned each week. Each video will be posted on Sat for the month of February.

  1. Warm up: wrists circles, shake body, shoulder circles, neck bends, arm swings, side bends, cross toe touch, and knee-ups.
  2. Deep resting squat pose – 1 minute
  3. Panther pose right and left – 1 minute
  4. Quadruped contra-lateral reach and touch – 30 secs each side
  5. Single arm reach with supported camel back bends – 30 secs
  6. Cat and cow – 30 secs
  7. Plank – 30 secs
  8. Torso twist  – 30 secs
  9. Kneeling run – 1 min
  10. Runner stance back kick  – 30 secs each side
  11. Standing toe touch stretch – 30 secs
  12. Wrist stretches – 30 secs
  13. L shape on wall – 30 secs
  14. 135 shape on wall – 30 secs
  15. Kick ups to the wall 3x each leg
  16. Wall hand stand hold for time 2-3x
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