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Interview w/ Feminine Embodiment Lifestyle Coach, Ali Schueler on Feminine Power and Ageless Living

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Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with Ali Schueler.

Ali is a Feminine Embodiment  Lifestyle Coach. She is also the blogger for GaiaScouts.com.

I came to know Ali and her blog Gaia Scouts when I was searching for women who were making a difference in the lives of other women.

Gaia Scouts is about empowerment and the embodiment of what it means to be a woman.

In one of her latest posts, Ali speaks about being the queen of your life which really resonated with me because my motto has always been,

“I’m the protagonist in my life movie; I am the driving force that makes things happen. I wear the heels, I get the guy, and I save the day!”

And though I don’t say the word queen- I think the theme is the same. Which is, I am the boss of me!

I’ll be speaking with Ali about feminine power, our feminine cycle, and of course, ageless living.

Here are the questions I asked Ali. Watch the interview for her insightful answers!

1. What’s the biggest tip you can tell our female viewers about how to be “the queen” of their life?

2. Tell us the story of how you came to be a feminine embodiment and lifestyle coach?

3. Why is it so important for women to have a menstrual cycle when it comes to owning their feminine power, and how does having or not having a harmonious or regular cycle effect that power?

4. Speaking about our period cycle and the changes we go through, since Inspire Youthful is about ageless living, how does losing your menstrual cycle change us? Particularly, how does it affect our self-perception about growing older and what does that mean to our feminine power?

5. Inspire Youthful defines ageless living as a life with good health, vibrant energy, spiritual fulfillment, and possessing an ageless appearance.  How do you stay healthy, beautiful, and ageless Ali?

6. Finally, is there any additional thing you would like to share with the audience with what’s coming up on the horizon for you?

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