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How to Prevent, Minimize, and Reduce the Signs of Aging In and Around the Eyes

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Today I will be sharing with you how to prevent, minimize, and reduce the signs of aging in and around the eyes.

I will be sharing with you my holistic approach which consist of preventative, maintenance, and mindful measures to keep your peepers looking their best. I’m also going to give a few make-up tips to enhance your ageless beauty.

10 different signs of aging that can appear in and around the eye area are:

1. Reduction of vision

2. Crows feet

3. Dark circles underneath the eyes

4. Dryness in the skin around the eyes

5. Loss of elasticity in the skin

6. Puffy eyes

7. Eye dryness

8. Redness around the whites of the eyes

9. Sad and worried eyes

10. Vacant eyes or zombie eyes

Preventative measures that will keep the eyes as healthy and beautiful as possible

1. Keep your vision quality by doing eye exercises.

Eye exercises improve eye strength, the ability to focus, eye movements, and stimulates the vision centers of the brain. Eye exercises will not help people with nearsightedness or existing eye conditions, but it has been shown that eye exercises can force the brain to see through the amblyopic eye — lazy eye — which can improve vision.

The 3 exercises I personally do are:

  • Changing focus from near to far, then back to near again. For example, I might be reading from my kindle and then to rest and refocus my eyes, I will look at a wall clock or something far off for a few seconds then return to my reading.
  • I also like to practice reading far away text with one eye at time. It’s something I’ve done since I was a kid and it’ just a game to me. But I have been told by the doctor that I have 20/15 eye vision and so these games must be working.
  • And finally my last exercise which is a game I think many families have played on long road trips, is testing yourself to see how far you can see by reading the signs on the road.

If you exercise your eyes just like you exercise the muscles in your body, you will keep up your eye strength and in some cases, improve eye strength.

2. During the day, when outside, always wear sunglasses.

Protect your eyes and skin around the eyes from the sun, glare, wind, pollution, and particles that are floating in the air. Sunglasses protect  your eyes from harmful UV radiation that can cause damage to the cornea and eye lens as well as the skin around the eyes.

Sunglasses shield the eyes from wind and environmental pollutants that can cause irritation, drying, and the creation and perpetuation of crow wrinkles from squinting. Keep a pair in your purse and in your car and never be outside without one.

3. Get plenty of rest for your eyes.

Get a good night sleep to properly rest the eyes and body. The length of time for a good night sleep is different for everyone.   A barometer of health is that a person should feel energized when they wake up. If you feel sluggish after waking, and can’t function without copious amounts of caffeine throughout the day, you are not getting enough sleep.

Lack of sleep will contribute to eye fatigue, dark circles, puffiness, eye redness, and the possession of zombie looking eyes. Zombie eyes is when you look dazed, lost, and about to fall over from tiredness.

How to keep up healthy and beautiful eyes:

1. Pay extra care moisturizing the skin around the eyes.

Use natural oils to moisturize the eye area such as olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, or argan oil. Everyday I use olive oil as my eye moisturizer, but towards the end of the week or after a particularly hard day at work, I will cut open a vitamin E capsule and mix it with my olive oil to give my eyes some extra moisture, nutrients, and love.

When applying eye cream make sure to tap and pat. Try not to pull or stretch the skin around the eyes.

2. Reduce eye fatigue, dark circles, redness, and puffiness with techniques:

  • Our eyes work a lot and they need breaks just like a waiter in a restaurant. In fact, you can apply employment labor codes 512 and 226.7 of the CA labor code to your eye resting regiment. ^.^

Every four hours of strenuous eye work and concentration, your eyes should get a 15-30 minute break. Close your eyes for a 1-3 minutes taking deep breaths, apply gentle pressure on the eye and forehead area with the back of your hands or forearm, or take a nap.

  • When available, place caffeinated wet tea bags, sliced and chilled cucumbers, or a cold eye mask to rejuvenate the eyes.

The caffeine from tea has blood vessel-constricting benefits to minimize  the appearance of redness and puffiness. Caffeine and any tea in general has antioxidants that fight against oxidation damage in the body caused by free radicals which may be the cause of aging.

Chilled cucumbers are said to reduce swelling and increase hydration of the skin around the eyes. This is most likely because of the cold effect of the cucumber- it’s similar to putting an eye mask ice-pack. And the hydration is probably attributed to the fact that cucumbers are 90% water.

  • Do a lymphatic facial flush which only takes 2-3 minutes to reduce the look of fatigue and puffiness around your eyes. Check out my how-to video.

Mindful measure to promote ageless eyes and overall well-being

Stop making what I call bad wrinkles and be more accepting of good wrinkles.

Bad wrinkles to me are wrinkles created from worried, angry, irritated, or annoyed facial expressions. Instead create happy-to-be-alive wrinkles which are facial lines that are enhanced from laughing and smiling. Those are wrinkles worth having in spades!

One way to stop or reduce bad wrinkles from forming is to have better reactions to stressful triggers.

Life is a series of tests or if you’re like me and view life as a game, then it’s just a series of challenges where you have the chance to level up.

In most challenge scenarios there are three skills that I think help a person handle a situation with confidence and a semblance of control. Those are:

  • having a quick understanding of the situation at hand,
  • the ability to be flexible,
  • and the ability to see the bigger picture.

With that in mind, when you are in stressful circumstances, try to keep your head about you. Take a few calming breaths, asses the situation, identify its place in the grand scheme of things, and try be be accepting and flexible about handling the stress.

What you’ll find is that many things that irritate and annoy you are trivial and are not worth the worry lines you spend on them.

Finally, makeup tips to enhance your ageless beauty:


  • Do not use powder or heavy foundation around the outer edges of the eye as the makeup will collect between the wrinkles making them more prominent.
  • Use a natural primer underneath your makeup to help prevent makeup from settling in these fine lines.
  • Heavy eyeliner on the bottom lid or water-line of your eye can draw more attention to wrinkles.
  • The cat-like eye liner is my go-to eyeliner style to create lift in the eyes and to draw attention away from any lines that may or may-not be there.
  • Curl your eye lashes as it will give the appearance of bigger and awake-looking eyes.

By the way this is a close-up of my eye without make-up, filters, or any photoshopping

eyeI think after 40 years of living, it’s not bad. My techniques could work just as well for you.

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