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Don’t Grow Old Documentary by the BBC

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I found this well done documentary called “Don’t Grow Old” from the BBC about what the scientific community is doing about the aging process. If you have an hour or so, the documentary has interesting anti-aging information.

As I gather various anti-aging information for the articles I’m writing, I’m finding a plethora of ways to go about being ageless. Some people want to take a pill, some will go under a knife, others will become vegan or raw food enthusiasts, while others will  try to control their minds to prevent them from aging. With all these different paths to achieving eternal youth, the scientists, researchers, and youth-centric individuals all agree on one thing — aging can be slowed down.

As an ageless lifestyle advocate, I propose no pills or knives, lots of vegetables—some of them raw—and of course we have to work with the mind because the mind is our most powerful ally. These are just some of the ideas I want to share with people who want to stay ageless using a holistic approach.

But, I don’t think one needs a pill. A pill—I might add—that will not be developed for another decade, if that. Who wants to be the guinea pig for a product that has only been tested on  lab rats and / or with limited human study?

I believe the knowledge and power to be ageless is in our grasp now.

I believe it to be a holistic approach with its root in spirituality and health-conscious living.

To have physical and mental youthfulness—it must be a mind, body, and spirit effort. 

I have discovered the fountain of youth, at least for myself. Although, I do not believe the knowledge that I have amassed and the results I have achieved are uniquely special to me.

I believe my holistic practices will also work for many of you.

I want to share this knowledge and that’s why I created this blog!

Imagine, a way to be youthful in mind, body, and spirit NOW.

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An ageless lifestyle is about possessing optimal health, mind-body-spirit coherence, and exuding a timeless way of being.

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