I’m thankful to have a career I love and wonderful people to share it with…

“Recently, I’ve turned to Jeanne to be my life coach.She has been an invaluable addition to my life.  Jeanne is helping me to awaken to my inner needs and to be more aware of myself. Through weekly e-mails, EFT techniques, and crystal healing, she is helping me to heal myself.  I am slowly gaining awareness of my inner energy and changing and shifting my life to better serve my soul.

Jeanne is a wonderful soul who genuinely cares about her clients.  Her energy is just electric and dynamic.  I so look forward to her wisdom and insight every week as I learn to listen and let go.  I am very thankful and grateful to find Jeanne!!” – Tracie Ferguson (As seen on yelp.com)

Thank you again for an awesome session. (EFT & Matrix Reimprinting) After our call I found myself definitely feeling lighter. I also feel more resolve and optimism then I’ve felt in a long time. Thank you!” – Olivia Merchant

“These are amazing exercises. Feeling different already, and want to keep all of them for future reference… The exercises are subtle but very powerful. I plan to do it forever!” ~ MB (What M had to say during the program and below is her testimonial after completion.)

“Thanks for an absolutely amazing posture program! (Better Posture in 30 Days programI have benefited from it, and it seems to becoming second nature, which I know is what you hope for us. One of the benefits is that I have noticed  a slimmer torso, not from weight loss, but from simply standing properly. Also, the shoulders are much straighter, which you detected from my selfie as needing work.

Getting into my mid-seventies, I have no intention of becoming a slumpy older woman. I don’t believe there is any reason to do this, but we all need help and your program is perfect, and takes very little time each day.

Thanks, also for the detailed attention to my own specific questions. Much appreciated. I’ve saved the posts in a folder, and plan to use them plus the maintenance program you suggest. ” – MB of Salt Spring Island

“I just want to thank you for your Better Posture in 30 Days program.

I thought I was a hopeless case after being professional computer programmer for 18 years and after all those countless hours slouching over my laptop. At 41 years of age my posture was awful and I also had started having pains between my shoulder blades and in my upper back. 

After the program I feel like younger and thinner person, although I have not lost any weight during the program. Thank you again for your program. :)”

– Tatiana M (Click here to see her before and after pictures and posture analasys)

There are very few coaches who can spark and rearrange the way you move and think about things. Jeanne is one of those coaches. She has deep knowledge and experience, but she is able to communicate in a way that works for clients of all levels. Her approach, humility and humor always leave me feeling seen, touched and nourished!” – Lily Chan

“Thank you so much again for that amazing, incredible, crazy-cool Matrix!!! (EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Session) Thank you for helping me have such a kick-ass crazy courage honest breakthrough!!!” – Tamara Flores

“I’m really enjoying your program(Better Posture in 30 Days). I have been enjoying the daily emails. Not only do they give great exercises but the overall tone is so uplifting and positive but not in a silly immature way.” – Melanie Dean

“The reason I started this program is my posture was so bad. Also I want to changed my mental. I read the article about hormone. It said hormone like testosterone output changes depends on posture. So I wanted to fix the posture and I want to have more hormone to be confident. Anyway, my opinion of your program (Better Posture in 30 Days) is Awesome!!

This is so organised and easy step. I have more confident than before I started BP30.Thanks for the big help to be able to have better life.
P.S  I am a man. And I am a Martial artist. So I cannot send pictures. I am sorry. Hope you have a good future. Thanks again.” ~Yoshi from Japan

“I have been working with Jeanne for over a year.  She has helped me immensely with my motivation, dedication, and perseverance.  Every time I feel like giving up she gives me a pep talk that reminds me of the reasons I want to do this and how it works as long as I stick with it.  She helps me see the results in a straightforward manner and gets down to the heart of why it worked or I stopped making progress this month.  By Jeanne taking the time to do this it has helped me stay on task and rededicate myself when I get off track.  I would never have been able to keep this up without the help of Jeanne.” – Christine McKenna

“I have learned so much about myself from my discussions with you and from the exercises you gave me every week.

The Bluebird plan was perfect for me.  (Monthly Life-coaching) I liked being able to hear from you via email every week.  I looked forward to finding your email waiting for me every Friday.  You didn’t even miss emailing me when you were on vacation half way across the world!  The monthly face to face skype was invaluable to me.  You reaffirmed with me every session things that I needed to know and work on.  You made me feel like I was the only client you had!

I learned how much power resides within myself.  I learned how to listen to my body and my mind through intuitive eating.  I learned how to take time out for myself for important things – journaling, meditating, prepping meals, working out and even body brushing.

You taught me to focus on my accomplishments by using the medal system.  This took away the negative talk that used to come up whenever I thought I failed at doing something.  Focusing on “medaling” out made me want to hit each task every day.

The one thing I learned that I can apply to many facets of my life is that I am a house under renovation – one room at a time.  In order for me to be a strong house, I need to build a strong foundation.  My foundation is all of things I do for myself that I mentioned above.

When I journal, I get a chance to feel my emotions.  When I meditate, I am able to bring myself back to a peaceful state of mind or prepare myself for the chaos that I may be stepping into (like when I get to work).  Working out and prepping meals promotes the healthy lifestyle I want for myself. Body brushing is taking care of me!

You taught me how to appreciate nature on my walks and playing with Hazel.  How amazing is that!

Jeanne, you were to me how I am to my family.  You checked in on me, you helped make sure I ate clean (80/20), you helped me be successful, you reassured and encouraged me.  In other words, you loved me!

Thank you so much!” ~ Audra Romero

“My experience with Jeanne was definitely an eye opening one. She unraveled emotions inside of me that I was not aware of. After our (Freedom Matrix) session I felt like a huge weight was lifted off of me and that my attitude had changed to a positive one. The next day I woke up and I actually could say that I felt happy. I recommend Jeanne if your looking to improve yourself physically,mentally,emotionally, and or spiritually,she is a great guide to have.” – Vanessa Landin

“In seeking to become a better parent and a better me I let Jeanne help me create a space for healing in my home.  She sent me some pre-consultation paperwork, that I answered via email.  She arrived a few minutes before our scheduled time, and had a very relaxed and calming energy about her.

She was very informative, as I have never done a crystal healing session before.  I felt very comfortable telling her what I felt needed to be healed.  She asked for permission to do a different type of healing — Matrix Reimprinting, which was more adept at handling such an acute situation.  I agreed, and trusted her guidance.

It was quite a positively emotional experience, in the manner of relief.  The process also brought up older wounds that I was unaware of, but brought the healing full circle.  In that moment, I clearly understood what situations had led me to these experiences, and that I was ready to let go of any power that they unconsciously held over me.

She ushered me into a crystal healing meditation afterward, to balance my chakras, and calm my nerves.  She has a wonderful collection of healing crystals in her medicine bag.

I am able to speak of my traumatic experiences in a very different light. The trauma of  18 years ago, has been difficult to talk about, and intrusive thoughts and fears kept bubbling up unexpectedly.  

This (Freedom Matrix) healing experience has let me be able to speak of the experience in a way that’s enlightening, empowering and has closure.” – Angela Trinh (As seen on yelp.com)

“I have been working with Jeanne for almost 4 years. During this time we have improved my posture, my strength and my overall well-being. She did this by creating a program specifically targeted to what my body needs vs. just jumping in and treating me like everyone else.

I am so happy to say that I am now at a point where I am pain-free and my strength has returned. She pushes me to challenge myself yet respects my limitations. Her sole focus is to ensure I am strong and healthy and she keeps me motivated to keep moving every day.

I would not work with anyone else.” – Diana Jackson

“Years ago I used to belong to a gym and I remember never wanting to go there, dragging myself each time. Not only did I not enjoy my workouts, I saw no significant results. Then I remember one day I met Jeanne Floresca at a dinner party.

I was so inspired and motivated by this easy-going, smart and beautiful girl, that early next week I found myself on the reformer Pilates machine with Jeanne guiding me through different movements… The session seemed to fly by and next day I felt each and every muscle of my body ache, yet craving for more. I have finally found my kind of exercise that would bring me the results I need, while making me feel great getting there.

In the course of our sessions, I got to know Jeanne better and very quickly connected with her on a personal level. In addition to delivering dramatic fitness results, Jeanne provided a lot of valuable advice on general health and natural beauty tips. I find inspiration from her blog at http://inspireyouthful.com and enjoy Pilates and Bare classes taught by Jeanne@Crunch twice a week.

Jeanne always inspires me to be healthy, positive, easy-going and grateful.” – Irina Berman (As seen on yelp.com)

“I would like to add a note of thanks and recognition to Jeanne for her tremendous training knowledge and experience in coaching me back to health and strength.  I really appreciate all the time she spent with me over the years. She is definitely an asset and her talents and efforts should be duly acknowledged.”  – Catherine Makunga

“Jeanne is extremely effective and very motivating. Without overkill, definitely among the best!”  – Yelena Garcia

  “Over the past few years, Jeanne has provided me with valuable support and resources to better improve my life.  Her teaching, encouragement, and laughter during group Pilates classes has made me look forward to training every week and leaves me feeling stronger and more enriched after every session.  The Inspire Happy blog has also been an invaluable tool providing guidance on everything from keeping yourself healthy, to helping find true happiness, to making your inner belly sing with soul-warming recipes!  I’ve gained so much and look forward to Jeanne’s wonderful teachings and inspiration as I search for my own inner peace!  She is truly the best!” – Tracie Ferguson

 “I came to Jeanne after my chiropractor said I needed Pilates to help my lower back issues. I didn’t expect to get the kind of attention and service Jeanne provided. I thought Pilates was just for “women” and that it was all about abs. I was wrong. Within 3 months of working with Jeanne I felt significant relief in my lower back and actually felt healthier all around. I recommend Jeanne’s services completely.” – Michael H. (56)

 “When I signed up for Jeanne’s training in Pilates, I had no idea of the ‘bonuses’ she would provide. During our semi-private and private coaching sessions, I was also provided with an energetic exchange of our spirits. Our life lessons, seemed to be in sync as we discussed what enlivened us spiritually and developmentally. She has a wealth of health and fitness knowledge but, it was our synergy that left us both energized after a session.” – Elyse Jacobs

“I came to Jeanne when I was rehabbing my elbow from surgery to my severed ulnar nerve.  All movement was painful, but  Jeanne helped me to regain my overall strength and motivated me to get back in shape. I can’t thank her enough.” – Mary L. M. (44)

 “Jeanne has been my personal trainer for about 5 months now and she is awesome!  I feel strong and great about my body since we started training.  Working out with Jeanne has helped me to be more confident and fit into my pleather pants!  No matter how lazy I’m feeling, Jeanne can always motivate me.  I look forward to our outdoor workouts and feel great about myself afterwards. I definitely recommend Jeanne if you are looking for someone who is encouraging, fun, creative and knowledgeable about how to build muscle and get in shape!” – Jaime Z. (As seen on yelp.com)

 “All I can say is that Jeanne is absolutely awesome.  She is highly motivating and is well informed about the right mix between exercise and eating right. With that, she understands the stress of life and has really helped me keep on track.   I lost about 30lbs with Weight Watchers but knew I needed some additional motivation and Jeanne was just what I needed. I highly recommend training with her if you have the opportunity-you won’t be sorry.”— Susan Ruland

“I was absolutely thrilled when I signed up for the Fitness Program.  I was looking for specific results when I decided to “give it a try.”  The experience helped me understand my body and how I treat it. Jeanne is fabulous!!  And she is available anytime you have a question or concern. She’s perfect!!” – Maria A.