Day 3: What to Eat for an Ageless Body

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Welcome to my 14 Day Ageless Lifestyle Makeover Challenge series!

The purpose of the challenge was to inspire you to make easy changes that would create more health, vibrancy, confidence, and timelessness in your life.  It covered food, skin care, fashion style, fitness, and so much more! Each day touched on a topic that helped you be your best at any age.

Here are the 14 days worth of lessons:

The winner of the drawing has been chosen and notified. Thank you to everyone who participated. If you’re just discovering this challenge now—do it on you own and reap the benefits of a more ageless lifestyle!

An ageless body enjoys optimal health — it moves with ease, is free of chronic pain and disease, and has vibrant energy.

So what does a person with an ageless body eat?

The bullet-point answer is:

  • Organic, grass-fed, pasture-raised meats and wild caught fish
  • Organic vegetables (non-starchy)
  • Organic potatoes and other roots (starchy)
  • Organic nuts & seeds
  • Organic fruits
  • Organic fermented foods

The longer answer is that each persons “ageless body” diet will be slightly different. The difference will mostly be in the ratio of meat to vegetables. Some people will prefer more vegetables and others will want more meat and fat in their diet. No matter which your body prefers — the main staple of an ageless body diet is organic whole foods and that a person interested in having this kind of body tries to eat this way 80% of the time.

I emphasize “organic” foods specifically because non-organic foods have been sprayed with pesticides and might be genetically modified (GMO’s) and such foods may contribute to illness and disease.

The ageless body moves with ease.

As we age, the integrity of our joints, bones, and muscles deteriorate. Movement and exercise helps to stave off the decline, but food also plays a large role in maintaining our ability to move well. The vitamins and nutrients in whole foods support joint, bone, and muscle health. Some foods such as organ meats and bone broth are super-foods to these areas of the body — helping repair tissues so that the body can move with ease.

The ageless body is free of chronic pain and disease.

Prevention is the key to an ageless body. The right foods can aid in boosting the body’s immune system so that it’s able to fight sickness and disease. While some foods help with cell repair, there are foods that decrease inflammation in the body thwarting illness and chronic pain.

An ageless body has vibrant energy.

While restful sleep is the foundation that replenishes the energy system of an ageless body, eating the right foods at the appropriate time will help maintain its energy throughout the day. Intermittent fasting will also support balanced energy levels.

Your DAY 3 Challenge:

Observe what you eat throughout the day and ask yourself if it supports your ageless body.

  • Are the foods you’re consuming nutrient dense so that it can help repair your joints, bones, tissues, and cells?
  • Determine if the foods you’re eating cause inflammation or are anti-inflammatory.
  • Gauge your energy levels and decide if the foods you’re ingesting are providing you with the right amount of energy you need.

If what you find is that most of the food you eat don’t support an ageless body decide if you want to make some changes. Use the timeless decision making process you learn on DAY 1.

If you find that majority of what you eat does support your ageless body — then check this lesson off as complete mama!

Today’s exercise asks you again to be the scientist of YOU. Observe your actions (what you eat) and reactions (how your body responds to food) and then decide to change — make better — what you can.

An ageless body doesn’t happen overnight. It is the result of timeless decisions — choosing actions that promote health and wellness more often than not. (Apply the 80/20 rule sister!)

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