Paleo Traveler: Old World Recipes Flipped NeoPaleo

What if you could eat all those foods your mother or grandmother use to cook without feeling guilty?

Now you can. The Paleo Traveler cookbook is about the tastes of old, but without all the vegetable oils and high starch your mothers dish came with.

What if you could eat healthier without sacrificing taste or fulfillment?

Now you can. This cookbook shows you how to cook healthy meals that are nourishing, wholesome, and delicious. Forget steamed vegetables and / or raw plain food for a bit. Bring on the flavor!

This is a cookbook of home-hearty and feel-good food that harkens back to when families’ enjoyed their meals together. The recipes in this book are not fancy; you don’t need any special skills to cook them. You just need the desire to eat better.

“With this book I share with you how I discovered the good health and new-found joy of cooking Paleo meals.

I took my moms traditional Asian recipes, along with traditional recipes from Eastern Europe because I happen to love hearty soups and stews from that region and put it together in an easy to follow cookbook.

Included with each Paleo recipe is a unique intention that helps one evoke more health, happiness, and abundance in their life.

This is not your average cookbook; it is a holistic approach to cooking.

Not only will the dishes give you food and taste satisfaction, the added “intentions” will promote a mindset of  where  the food you eat can also bring about spirit contentment.” ~Jeanne xo

 What you get:

  • 50 traditional recipes made Paleo Diet approved
  •  50 unique intentions that help you manifest a healthier, happier, and abundant life
  • Learn interesting information about other countries and spiritual qualities of herbs
  • Easy to follow Paleo recipes with no cooking experience necessary
  • Hungry man portions, great for making meals for the week
  • Great for Paleo newbie
  • Great for Paleo person who wants heartier meals that are full of flavor (no steamed vegetables in here)
  • Most dishes can be made between $5.00 – $20.00
  •  99% of recipes are a one-pot-shot style cooking
  •  No special cooking utensils needed- you should have everything you need in your kitchen already
  •  And yes… cooking so easy a caveman could do it

Now ask yourself this, “Have you ever cooked where you know every ingredient is contributing to your whole well-being?”

That is, not just the fact that these are healthy food choices, but that this food can also lead to a happier state of mind and a more fulfilled spiritual state?


Now experience it. Once you do, you won’t want to cook any other way.

Are you ready to eat home-cooked, hearty, yummy food with the added twist of “intentions” to manifest more goodness in your life?

If you are, then buy my cookbook today and get more health, happiness and abundance from your food and your life.

Get your copy for $9.99