Your Real Healing is the Answer to How to Live Your Best Life

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Every need, want, and desire is something to be healed.

For example, when you need to eat, that’s your body’s energy system that requires a healing — it needs nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to feel good and keep going. How about if you want a new job? The reasons could be because you want a financial healing, or perhaps a job that is more alined with your life-purpose, or simply a healing for your need to feel valued and supported.

When you desire a lover, maybe it’s because you need to heal your sense of connection, to feel secure,  or of course the ever obvious — need for love. We could think of many reasons why we require a particular need, want, or desire to be healed, but invariably, it always comes down to the same end.

Our needs, wants, and desires all boil down to our longing for a healing that brings more love in our lives.

What is it that we do when we take care of our bodies by giving it healthy food, letting it play, or giving it a chance to rest and reflect to name a few? We are loving and healing ourselves.

The same goes for the example of wanting a new job — or wanting anything. To be able to go out and fulfill that want is our ability to show love to ourselves. We demonstrate the care we have for ourselves by trying to make our wants and needs happen.

The key is to truly understand why we want certain things so that we can give ourselves the real healing we need.

Let’s continue with the example of wanting a new job. How about if the real “want” is the healing of “feeling valued and supported?” Will a new job actually give that to us? Maybe. It’s worth a shot to keep our options open.

How about if we can heal the emotion of wanting to feel valued and supported instead? Then, if we are truly healed on that score, we could stay at our existing job — correct? The point of the matter is that it’s not about getting a new job, but rather to heal the real problem — the lack of feeling valued and supported, which really translates to the feeling of not getting enough love. Would you agree?

The same idea goes for our desires. We need to address the real reason behind them so we can give ourselves the appropriate healing which then solves our problems and makes us happy.

How do you get to the “real” reason behind any need, want, or desire?

You deduce what it is that is driving those yearnings. For the most part, we already know the answer to that —  love.

When you know that what you really need is a healing of more love in your life then the only logical answer is to give it to yourself.

You are the protagonist of your life-story. You are the hero. You give yourself the love you need so you can live your best life! (Give yourself the happy-ending sister! )

How do you give yourself the love you need in order to meet all your needs, wants, and desires?

Through forgiveness, acceptance, and action.

1. Forgive yourself for the situation you’re in — whatever it is.

In our job example, we would say, “I forgive myself for putting myself in a situation where I don’t feel valued or supported.”

2. Accept the situation.

In our job example we could think, “I accept that I had a hand in bringing this about and I accept that I have the ability to change my circumstance.”

3. Act in love.

In our job example, we then would “act in love” by healing our need to feel valued and supported.

What would that look like? An action plan could be 1. Review our accomplishments and give ourselves the gratitude we are due 2. Look at our environment and see who else is doing a good job and acknowledge their value and contribution 3. Put out work that shows our enthusiasm and love for what we do 4. Be open to all opportunities for us to grow and shine.

Through forgiveness, acceptance, and acting in love we take responsibility for our reality and happiness. Real absolution comes from forgiving, accepting, and loving ourselves completely. Through this act, we receive the real healing we need to grow, expand, and live our best life.

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photo credit: AlicePopkorn via photopin cc

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