What is Mind Body Spirit Coherence?

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Coherence has to do with connection, communication, and consistency between several elements or relationships.

Mind-body-spirit coherence is the consistent and effective ability of these parts of you to communicate well with each other.

A coherent — united — mind body spirit relationship is one that is balanced, healthy, and harmonious.

Mind-body-spirit coherence is not about adhering to a certain body image, following a rigorous fitness regiment, or eating only organic foods. It’s also not about meditating 2 hours a day, being solely engrossed in the mind, and / or ignoring any type of pain such as negative thoughts, achy muscles, and insomnia to name a few.

It’s about consistently paying attention — connecting and communicating — to your mind, body, and spirit and learning what it needs to feel good, then doing that for all of them. (As best you can.)

When you have mind-body-spirit coherence you have the ability to take care, love, and heal yourself.

You will know when things are “off” with you. You will be able to catch and fix them before they turn into more serious concerns. In effect, you will be able to give yourself the love and support you need to thrive.

When you have mind-body-spirit coherence you are on the path to optimal health and living an ageless lifestyle.

How do you get mind-body-spirit coherence?

The most effective way to get mind-body-spirit coherence is to intuitively listen to your own needs. Check in daily or at least a few times a week.

Ask your mind, body, and spirit straight out — “what do you need to feel good today?”

Three things may happen when you ask yourself this question.

1.The answer sounds confusing.

You feel like you don’t get a “real” answer because you don’t know how to decipher between your intuition — the thing within you that would only tell you the truth — to that of the social programming embedded in your system of thinking.

An example of this would be asking your spirit “What would make it feel good?” and you hear she needs new shoes. Your spirit does not need new shoes. She’s light, love, and abundance — why would she need new shoes? (Plus I think she floats!)

If you hear a peculiar request such as this, you have to dig deeper — get to the heart of the matter.

Another would be, you ask your body what it wants and she says,  “large pizza and diet coke please!” If you subscribe to the 80/20 lifestyle of healthy food vs. not-so-healthy, then once in a while — indulge mama! But, if you think your body is really asking for pizza or junk food on the regular, then you got to listen better to what she — your body — is really  saying.

For example, does your body tell you she’s bloated a lot, that she has headaches often, or maybe she just can’t sleep very well? Those are some of the things your body might be trying to tell you, but you can’t “hear” her for some reason. (Unplug them senses will ya!)

One way to improve your ability to “listen” to your body is to do intuitive exercises. These exercises get you to trust this knowledge within you.

Exercises such as paying attention to your body signs when you feel something is amiss or dangerous. Asking your intuitive gps when you’re lost as to where you should go. This is also a fun thing to do when you’re on a hike — let your intuitive guidance lead your walk and you may be pleasantly surprised where you end up!

Asking your body what it would like to eat is a good way to practice your intuitive skills. For example, when the menu is extensive and you can’t decide what to eat, instead of ordering something random, sit quietly, close your eyes, and ask yourself — what do you really want to eat that will make you feel amazing?

Let’s qualify “amazing” to mean you want to feel good, satiated, and energized without any adverse food reactions. Let’s face it, gassy and bloated are not amazing.

2. You ignore the answers.

You hear your intuition, but you turn a blind-eye to it because there are more important people and things to do.

Dismissing our intuition for more “important” things is an issue that troubles many women. Learning to listen to our needs is a skill we may also have to work on because as women, we take on the role of caregiver so often — where we listen and provide for the needs of others — that actively hearing and caring for ourselves is not so easy.

We will find the time and energy to make sure our children, family, and work needs are met. In many of our minds, they are more important than the “self” needs. To be sure, they are important, but you are important too.

If your mind,body, and spirit needs are not met, they can turn into serious health concerns such as chronic stress, depression, and other dis-ease problems.  How can we be there and help the people we love if we become sick in the mind, body, or spirit? Imagine how much more we could be of service to them if we were totally healthy?  (All hands on deck mama!)

3. You hear your intuition and you follow it.

If you are in this group — where you listen to your intuition and follow through on caring for your needs — then go-on with your badassness! Take care of your self like a boss and then shine your light on the people who love and need you!

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