What is an Ageless Lifestyle Exercise Program? How Do You Begin?

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An ageless lifestyle exercise program has a specific goal — to achieve an ageless body so a person can live a youthful lifestyle.

An ageless body is one that is energetic, strong, agile, flexible, balanced, and pain-free. A youthful lifestyle is an existence filled with hope, play, and purpose.

Specifically, an ageless body has youthful energy — a vibrant feeling that makes you want to play and explore. This type of body has “functional” strength which means it’s strong enough to do everyday tasks without too much effort.

An ageless physique is agile and flexible, bending with ease and moving with grace. This body is balanced — the mind, body, and spirit moving, flowing, and interacting in harmony.

Lastly anageless body is pain-free. There is minimal muscle and joint pain in an ageless person. There are no signs of excessive stress, fatigue, or disease.

The ageless body is ripe and eager to experience what life has to offer. It looks forward to participating and engaging in the game of life feeling untethered by time.

What it is NOT

An ageless lifestyle exercise program is not about looks, how much the body weighs, or its fat ratio. At Inspire Youthful, we believe if you focus on being energetic, strong, agile, flexible, balanced, and pain-free — all that other stuff works itself out.

When following an ageless lifestyle exercise program you will invariably settle into your ideal weight, posses the right amount of fat for your body type, and look the way you should — healthy.

Exercise is just one part of an ageless lifestyle exercise program. Intuitive eating, mindful wellness, and spirit connection rounds out the holistic system which produces the ageless lifestyle we desire.

How to Begin

Here is a step-by-step plan good for a beginner to moderate exerciser:

1. Check in with your doctor for an “all-clear” to move and get your groove on.

2. Begin a walking program of leisurely walking 3-5x a week starting for 30 minutes then working your way up to 60 minutes.

3. Start an exercise regimen that addresses joint stability and increases core strength.

4. Incorporate gentle and flowing physical activity which can be a beginner yoga, Pilates, or tai chi class.

5. Start meditating, journaling, and / or reading self-awareness encouraging books to increase mindful wellness.

6. Incorporate either the Metabolic Typing Diet, Paleo Diet, or our combined and spiritually infused approach of Intuitive Eating.

7. Create and nurture a spiritual path that supports your healthy and happy lifestyle.

8. Add some type of healthy and playful activity to your lifestyle like team sports, gaming, or dancing to name a few.

9. Progressively add functional strength exercises and intermittent sprinting to your workout routine.

10. Proactively participate in life adventures and have more fun!

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If you need help implementing your ageless lifestyle exercise program check out my life-coaching service.

Now go live your best life sister! ROAR!

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