My Morning Ritual for Health, Happiness, and Longevity

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The best morning ritual is one that makes people happy, is realistically doable, and where it helps them get motivated and energized for their day. In order for me to feel this way, I like to begin my day in an unhurried gentle pace.

A good morning for me starts with waking up from a night of fasting, which can be 12 to 15 hours. Intermittent fasting decreases inflammation, free-radical damage, and weight gain. It increases insulin sensitivity reducing the chance of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Fasting may also increase your life span.

As I come around, I try to remember not to reach for my phone and instead snuggle with my furbabies and maybe ask for a gentle back rub from my partner. This touch and connection with my family during my morning ritual supports mind, body, and heart/spirit coherence essential to my healthy and happy life.

I get up and answer nature’s call and then I do my stretches and joint motion exercises. My routine starts with downward dog and cobra stretches which I hold for 8 seconds each and do 5x.  Bringing your head below your heart, especially in moves such as downward dog, a head stand, or handstand helps to move your cerebral spinal fluid promoting health and longevity. I continue to move through my joints and do a little more stretching that target my neck, chest, and back so that I’m always supporting my good posture.   

Jeanne's trampolineNext, it’s time to get on my trampoline which I do for 10 to 30 minutes. This is a recent addition to my regiment and I’m loving it! I see myself using my trampoline for the rest of my life.

While jumping, I listen to a podcast or TED video.  I am passionate about increasing my knowledge. I love being inspired by others and feeling connected with like-minded individuals. Even though it’s through the media and I’m not actually there, I know through listening, I’m participating in the collective consciousness shift which is important to me.

Jeanne's Quan Yin MalaAfter the trampoline, I break for water and then do a deep breath meditation. I use my Quan Yin mala during my practice as it makes it easy to stay focused. This particular mala has less beads than a traditional 108 bead mala and it’s perfect for my meditation allowing for 39 deep breaths with 3 chances for breath retention (holding your breath for as long as you can).

This type of meditation has many benefits such as bringing oxygen to tissues and organs, activating the vagus nerve, and improving the immune system. Along with the deep breathing, I also practice gratitude or say the Ho’oponopono chant which calms my mind, expands my heart, and raises my positive vibration.

Breakfast lately consists of 2 pasture eggs, toast with grass-fed butter & biodynamic jam, and rooibos tea with coconut milk and cinnamon. I was adding lion’s mane powder to my tea, but now I take a supplement capsule with breakfast. Lion’s mane has many benefits some of which are enhancing memory and brain function, aiding the nervous system, and supporting the immune system. Follow this article link if you want great ideas for an ageless lifestyle breakfast and to learn the benefits of foods such as pastured eggs and coconut oil.

Finally, I take my dogs for a walk in the park where we ground—practice earthing—and let nature do her thing which is to bring us in her resonance. Spending time in nature is the best medicine for mood enhancement and well-being cultivation. Daily leisurely walking is the backbone of my health and wellness program.

My morning ritual has evolved throughout the years and after 40+ years, I’ve created habits that support my health, happiness, and longevity aspirations. I hope this post inspires you to look at your own morning routine and to see what you can do to support your ageless living goals.

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