Life Coach: Helping You Get to Where You Want to Be

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Do you use Google maps? Does it help you get to your destination faster than if you just tried getting there on your own?

I bet the answer is yes.  Maps make it easier to navigate where we need to go. Having a life coach is just like having a map — we help you get to where you want to be…

But don’t let me tell you about it. I am honored to share my client Audra’s email on her experience with working with me. =)

Hi Jeanne:

I wanted to write you and give you my heartfelt thanks for working with me these last 4 months.  I will miss working with you.

I have learned so much about myself from my discussions with you and from the exercises you gave me every week.

The Bluebird plan was perfect for me.  I liked being able to hear from you via email every week.  I looked forward to finding your email waiting for me every Friday.  You didn’t even miss emailing me when you were on vacation half way across the world!  The monthly face to face skype was invaluable to me.  You reaffirmed with me every session things that I needed to know and work on.  You made me feel like I was the only client you had!

I learned how much power resides within myself.  I learned how to listen to my body and my mind through intuitive eating.  I learned how to take time out for myself for important things – journaling, meditating, prepping meals, working out and even body brushing.

You taught me to focus on my accomplishments by using the medal system.  This took away the negative talk that used to come up whenever I thought I failed at doing something.  Focusing on “medaling” out made me want to hit each task every day.

The one thing I learned that I can apply to many facets of my life is that I am a house under renovation – one room at a time.  In order for me to be a strong house, I need to build a strong foundation.  My foundation is all of things I do for myself that I mentioned above.

When I journal, I get a chance to feel my emotions.  When I meditate, I am able to bring myself back to a peaceful state of mind or prepare myself for the chaos that I may be stepping into (like when I get to work).  Working out and prepping meals promotes the healthy lifestyle I want for myself. Body brushing is taking care of me!

You taught me how to appreciate nature on my walks and playing with Hazel.  How amazing is that!

Jeanne, you were to me how I am to my family.  You checked in on me, you helped make sure I ate clean (80/20), you helped me be successful, you reassured and encouraged me.  In other words, you loved me!

Thank you so much!




With Audra’s commitment each week to the self-work we mapped out, she showed me that she is the hero of her life-story. She wanted to be the best version of herself for herself and her family. It was my privilege to be of service to Audra and I wish her well on her journey.

We unleashed her ROAR!

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