Interview with Alicia Sierra, Womb Goddess on Femininity, Sensuality, and Ageless Living

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An ageless lifestyle is more importantly about feeling good from the inside out.

Aside from having outstanding general health, it also means having a healthy body image — a loving and respectful connection between the mind, body, and spirit. Among the different ideas that comes to mind when one thinks of a woman’s’ body image is the desire to honor our femininity and sense of sensuality.

I am ecstatic to bring to you my latest ageless advocate interview with Alicia Sierra, a self proclaimed  womb goddess! She is here to share her valuable insight on revering our femininity, nurturing our sensuality, and how it all contributes to an ageless lifestyle.

Alicia Sierra is the founder of  The website is dedicated to empowering and teaching women how to connect to their womb wisdom by using meditation, herbs, movement, journaling, and rituals. She currently hosts workshops for women in Berkeley, California.

Alicia has been a massage therapist for almost 20 years and studied herbs and holistic healing for the last 10. Her passions include women’s spirituality, sacred sexuality, and reproductive health. Alicia guides women on their journey to reclaiming their divine feminine powers and living a fully succulent life.

In her own words here is what Alicia has to say…

1. What’s the biggest tip you can tell our readers on how to be better connected to their femininity and sensuality?

I find that doing something pleasurable for yourself everyday helps women connect to their femininity. For example taking a nice warm bath with essential oils, reading a good book, dancing etc. The  point is to take a moment for yourself and do something just for you!

2. What is a womb goddess and how did you become one?

I have always been fascinated by a woman’s ability to be fertile and give birth not only humans but to ideas and projects.  Our wombs are our center of creation. When we take care of ourselves and nurture and heal the energy that may be stuck there I notice that we become fully empowered.

I feel that as women we underestimate our power to create so I define a womb goddess as a woman who is re-claiming her power as a divine feminine being.  She understands that she plays a major role in creating her life.

By understanding this a woman can now choose to design her dream life full of health. joy and passion. I became a womb goddess when I began to take the time to release energy that I felt was stuck in my womb and to listen to my intuition which I believe is also located in that area.

3. Why is it important to care and nurture this part of us — our womb and our feminine essence?

I think it is very important to care and nurture our wombs. So much happens in this area. As women this is one of the main areas that we hold emotions. When we take care of our wombs and release the emotions and energy that no longer serves us, we become more vibrant and radiant.

There are particular exercises that when done consistently can help women release  blocks in this area,  improve health, and manifest a more fruitful existence.  The Chinese have known this for years and wrote some of the first manuals on womb wellness.

4. Why as women should we continue to cultivate our sensuality?

I believe that as women we must cultivate our sensuality. We live in a male dominated society and in order to succeed we’ve had to take on the masculine way of doing things which is wrecking havoc on our bodies.

Our feminine bodies were not designed to sit in an office for 8-12 hrs a day and go home to cook and take care of our families. It is too much!

We try to do it all so that we feel that we are living a full life and often the opposite happens. We just feel to tired to enjoy life. That is not to say that we can’t do those things it is just that there are consequences.

Women feel that they have to sacrifice and do so at their own expense. We are taught to put ourselves last and we suffer for it. By tapping into our sensuality we begin to feel more alive, vibrant, juicy.

We learn that when we put ourselves first and take time for pleasure everything in our lives begin to fall into place. We become happier and more magnetic. As we radiate happiness the people around us become happier as well. We become contagious.

5. What do you do to respect your femininity, sensuality, and live an ageless lifestyle?

I make sure to take time out for myself and do some womb yoga. The movements are designed to nourish your reproductive organs. I also do some taoist breathing exercises to energize my womb and I feel the effects of that right away. It is one of the fastest ways to feel sensual and alive. I also do my  best to eat well. I take herbal infusions and that helps keep me ageless and vibrant.

6. What is on the horizon for you?

This is a very exciting time for me. I am teaching workshops for women and updating my website. I am creating other online projects soon to come! The best place to find out more about me and what I offer is to check out

Alicia has invited those who read this interview a discounted price to her upcoming workshops. If you cannot attend, then she would love to offer you a free 30 minute consult on how you can better connect to your womb, femininity, and sensuality. Email her directly at to get the details!

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