Improve Your Posture, Improve Your Self-Esteem

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We’ve been a little posture crazy here at Inspire Youthful.  We don’t mind if you call us the posture police! We showed you simple stretches to help you stand taller and then we talked about the unhealthy consequences of a life-time of bad posture called Upper Cross Syndrome.

We only emphasize the importance of posture because we want to help women unleash their ROAR!

The truth of the matter is —  the straighter you stand, the more confidence you project. Also, because you are not constricting your breath from slouching, you are able to expand your lungs — breathe easier — so you’re less stressed and more calm to deal with life’s challenges. All of this is meant to empower you so that  you can vocalize your demands and declarations to the world! (Lionesses don’t bow down to roar mama! They raise their heads high and scare the bejeezus out of people!)

On that crazy note, let’s agree that poor posture is bad for your health and doesn’t help your poise, but did you know it can also give people the wrong impression about your true nature?

A slouchy, bent over posture diminishes your appearance and self-confidence. With a hunched-back look, even if you’re generally a happy and upbeat person — it conveys the opposite feelings.

We’ve witnessed sad and depressed people — they look forlorn and their eyes are cast down. Their shoulders are rounded and their chest is concave. They look how they feel.


If you are feeling sad and taking on a smaller, protective stance makes you feel better — it’s understandable. I wholeheartedly promote feeling our deepest emotions because we know through surrendering — releasing our resistance — is how we gain more strength and create lasting confidence. The battles within forge a stronger constitution! (You feel me!)

But, once you’re ready to lift yourself out of your sadness, fixing your posture will go a long way in helping you feel better.

Have you heard that wearing a smile — even though you may not be very happy — will actually elevate your mood? The physical motion of smiling sends messages to your brain to release feel-good hormones helping your body deal with stress.

In this same manner — standing upright, opening your chest, and releasing pent-up tension in your neck, back, and chest will tell your brain to send signals for your body to relax, helping it breathe easier, and improving blood flow. All of which contribute to making you feel better.

Improve your posture and lift your self-esteem. A good posture will help you feel stronger and  increase your self-reliance so you can be the hero (she-ro) of your life-story! Remember, how you feel about yourself influences how others see you. Feel like a lioness ma and let them hear you ROAR!

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And because I never leave a sister hanging, let me share with you a Posture Stretch Routine Video to help you feel your best. The video shows a series of neck stretches, a chest stretch, a rhomboid isometric contraction, and shoulder circles. These are sample exercises and video clips from my Better Posture in 30 Days program that has 90 exercises customized to help you improve your posture!

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If you need help in personalizing a health, fitness, and beauty program for you, then check out my life-coaching services.

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Sad girl photo courtesy of and FrameAngel

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