How We Reached Our Health & Fitness Goals in 2015 (Do this in 2016)

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On January 5th of this year,  I declared that I would workout 300 days out of the 365 days. I put this fitness challenge out there and 16 women joined me. We called ourselves The 300.

This group was filled with amazing super-women who were crazy busy with children, work, and obligations, but made time for their health & fitness goals. This post is about how we did it, what inspired us, how we motivated each other, and so much more.

“This group has made me into a new person. I crave for that daily workout because of it and it’s now a habit I have.”  ~ Van

14 Things WE did to Be Successful with our Health & Fitness Goals

1. We formed a team.

We Are The 300

Successful teams support, motivate, and inspire each other and that is exactly why The 300 group thrived. We were there for our fitness sisterhood. We created a private Facebook page and cheered each other on every day! Someone was always posting something on the group page and that just stood as a reminder for all of us to keep going.

2. We made a commitment.

The ladies pledged to make their health & fitness goals a priority  and though some may not make the 300 days exactly, it really doesn’t matter because  they each did more for their well-being by being part of the group than if they hadn’t participated.

“OMG I’m not going to make the 300, I’ll be a few short, but I know I worked out more than I would have with it. So I’m trying to keep going!!!” ~Joy

3. We followed through.

We made ourselves accountable for our workouts by posting them on our group page. By keeping track of our daily workouts we showed our commitment and inspired our fitness sisterhood to move that much more.

We Inspired Each Other4. We encouraged each other.

We commented on each others exercise posts with positive  thoughts — “That’s awesome!”, “You look great!”, “Get it!” and so on. We shared funny and motivational memes to get everybody laughing or fired up. Our group board was like being in the locker room with your best girls.

5. We didn’t judge each other.

From our sweaty selfies to lamenting on “falling out” or being “lazy” — we kept it real and respected everyone’s efforts. We also didn’t let a sister wallow too long in her “down” days and encouraged her to get back into the playground as soon as she could.

A fitness tip that really worked for some of us was not to let 2 days pass of eating poorly or not moving.

6. We stayed positive.

We had thousands of posts on our group page and I can’t recall one single negative post. Most women are motivated through positive affirmations and encouragement and this crew excelled at giving that loving support.

7. We shared our struggles.

The plank struggle is real! Having to make a choice of waking up earlier or staying up later to get our workout in there was also challenging for many of us. Muscle aches and pains was a regular complaint, but we “Sucked it up!” (our group page banner.) We did our foam rolling, stretched, rubbed Tiger Balm, and persevered.

These Ladies Rule!8. We shared our triumphs.

From accomplishing a particularly hard workout, to getting back to pre-baby weight, or finishing a marathon — we let each other know how we were making our “fitness life” work. I feel like every woman who participated in our group is a champion in her life — a Queen of her life — because everyday she decided to care for herself along with everything and everyone else. (Like a boss!)

Get Family Involved in Fitness9. We got family involved.

A family that exercises together is healthier! Plus, the kids get to be inspired by their hard-working mama and they’re  learning good habits!

10. We used life-events as motivation.

Our group had several life-events to celebrate and were incentivized to work that much harder to look and feel our best because of them. From weddings, birthdays, and once-in-a-lifetime vacations — these milestones kept us focused and driven!

“I think more importantly, this workout kept us all accountable. I would have never worked out this much/often if it wasn’t for the motivation of this group.” ~Van

11. We tried new things.

Trying new exercises and going to different fitness classes keeps things fresh, can workout muscles you may not normally use, engages the brain, and many times pushes you out of your comfort zone. That’s a good thing! (Challenge yourselves ma!) A few of the workouts that stood out in our group as fun, hard, and just cray-cray:: hip-hop yoga, crossfit, surfing class, kung fu, obstacle courses, and plank challenges!

12. We shared our best practices.

We liked apps and gadgets that tracked our movements.  We used Pinterest and magazine workout infographics to inspire our next workout. The Sweet Sweat waist band is totally gross, but it sure makes you sweat and less water weight is LESS WEIGHT YO!

Go out to NatureHiking and leisurely walks in nature are the best! Working out in the gym and getting that endorphin rush feels good, but being out in nature just gives  the calm and peace that every woman needs in her life.

13. We kept it simple.

We determined early in the group that a workout was anything where we decided to “purposefully move” because it was about creating a healthy lifestyle. With that way of thinking, “working-out” became that much easier. Many of our workouts were done at home or outside. Walking, hiking, and / or running was the default exercise. And truly, it’s the best way to see the city where you live or are visiting!

“Even with the workouts I post, there are many times I don’t feel I am doing enough to push myself and accelerate towards my goals fast enough. But this group inspires me and keeps me going. So don’t give up and don’t feel ashamed to post with or without your workout count. And as always – thank you!” ~Jenn

14. We had fun.

Last but not least — we had fun this year! We sweated, laughed, ate good food, and did it together. We moved more than ever and kept our promises to build a healthier and more fit-centered lifestyle and we did it — one day  and one workout at a time.

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