Day 13: Prevent Chronic Back Pain for an Ageless Body

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Welcome to my 14 Day Ageless Lifestyle Makeover Challenge series!

The purpose of the challenge was to inspire you to make easy changes that would create more health, vibrancy, confidence, and timelessness in your life.  It covered food, skin care, fashion style, fitness, and so much more! Each day touched on a topic that helped you be your best at any age.

Here are the 14 days worth of lessons:

The winner of the drawing has been chosen and notified. Thank you to everyone who participated. If you’re just discovering this challenge now—do it on you own and reap the benefits of a more ageless lifestyle!

Chronic back pain dampens your ageless lifestyle.

A few facts about back pain:

  • Americans spend at least $50 million dollars a year on back pain issues
  • 31 million Americans suffer low-back pain regularly
  • Back pain is one of the leading causes of why people miss work and go to the hospital
  • Experts claim 80% of people will experience back pain at some point in their lives.

Chronic back pain debilitates not only your back, but how you age and the quality of your life too.

As a former chronic back pain sufferer, I know the toll it takes on your physical, mental, and even spiritual states of being. When you are in constant pain — where it seems you have no control —  you can slip into a depression that affects your health and well-being. You look and feel older than you are, hopelessness consumes you, and you do not want to do anything anymore because everything hurts and you’re always irritated.

My Back Pain Story

My name is Jeanne Floresca and I have worked as a dance instructor, an elite trainer, a corrective exercise specialist, and Pilates professional.

Yet my adult life has been shadowed by a back injury I suffered in a traumatic car accident when I was 16.  I vividly remember how my body jack-knifed as the seat-belt pinned my mid section in place while the rest of my body flew forward.

Living with pain

The back pain did not manifest itself until I was 21.  I suffered sleepless nights, and tried prescription medication along with ice and heat treatments, but none of these remedies provided any lasting relief.

The pain drastically affected my mental state; there were times when I was too demoralized to venture outside for days.  In addition, I started to develop piriformis syndrome, another painful condition, through my years of work as a fitness instructor and dance teacher.

By the time I was in my early thirties, I felt as though I had the body of a senior citizen. I was constantly anxious about my future:  “If I feel like this now, how much worse will it be when I am in my 60s and 70s?”

The medical “solution”

My doctors and therapists addressed my issues in a “piecemeal” way, rather than addressing the underlying issue, so they failed to provide any long-term solutions.

My doctor prescribed pain medication and muscle relaxants, easing the pain without addressing the real problem.  My physical therapist would give me a series of stretches, with the goal of isolating the affected area.  While these stretches felt good initially, I would soon be suffering pain in new areas of my body.  Isolating the affected area simply led to another imbalance, so the pain would shift rather than disappear.

I was also suffering secondary health issues, seemingly not connected to my back pain.  As I realized that all these issues were linked, I was inspired to create my own holistic program, based on the premise that all muscles are inter-connected.

My holistic approach

According to this principle, our muscles work as a “family”.  Weakness or damage in one set of muscles will radiate throughout the family, particularly if one muscle group is overworked and under strain, or another group is under-utilized.

Since I began my holistic approach over five years ago, I have been 99% pain-free and the secondary health issues have been eliminated.  I nurture my back by following my program at least twice a week. I still experience occasional aches and pains which I can manage easily myself, and my quality of life has radically improved!

Your DAY 13 challenge:

Prevent future back pain by implementing some of my holistic back care approaches today.

  • Strengthen your core muscles: back, butt, abs, and stabilizing muscles in the pelvic-lumbo region
  • Strengthen and stabilize shoulder girdle muscles and region
  • Stretch tight muscles that contribute to your back pain
  • Strengthen weak muscles that contribute to your muscle imbalance and back pain
  • Improve your posture — standing tall and upright helps to distribute weight and work correctly to not over tax the back muscles
  • Avoid foods that can cause inflammation as this will worsen any back pain
  • Eat foods that are anti-inflammatory because it will minimize any back pain
  • Eat foods that support bone, muscle, connective tissue, and joint health for back and spine health
  • Heal any emotional issues that may be causing your physical back pain
  • Have an emergency pain protocol management system — a series of steps you do to give yourself fast relief

By adopting these holistic back-care practices you will prevent chronic back pain and support your ageless body.

If you suffer from chronic back pain and want access to my holistic back care program (videos, exercise programs, food suggestions and more) click here to learn more.

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