Coming Clean: Ageless Beauty is a Cover-up

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I started this blog to promote and inspire ageless living. I began posting about the “maintenance” of how to keep your ageless beauty with tips on skin-care, youthful living, movement, and a few posts mentioning mindful techniques to help people have a health-healing personality.

I’ve been waiting to deliver my real message for fear of coming on too “woo-woo,” but it’s time for me to come clean.

Ageless beauty is a just cover-up for my real and deeper message which is spiritual awakening.

I’ve chosen ageless living as the vehicle to share this information because it is part of the message. An ageless lifestyle is the result of following a spiritual path.

It is my belief that you cannot have an ageless lifestyle or any form of real beauty without self-awareness and a spiritual connection.

No matter what face cream we use, how  many yoga classes we go to, or how many green juices we drink, we will never have an ageless existence if we neglect the real work  of nurturing the spirit self.

Ageless beauty is meaningless and ultimately unattainable if the beauty within is not nurtured.

The Holistic Approach to Ageless Living

  • Love for the Body – To have an ageless existence a person must be in good physical health where he or she has the strength and vitality to live a full life.
  • Love for the Mind – It also means a person has to be mentally and emotionally balanced, being able to maneuver through life with grace and confidence.
  • Love for the Spirit – A genuine ageless life is where the spirit self is fulfilled and free to shine.

In essence, an ageless lifestyle is about possessing optimal health, mind-body-spirit coherence, and exuding a timeless way of being.

…and we try to live this way 80% of the time. The other 20% well, you can imagine how we choose to indulge 😉

Your body is the temple in which your soul resides.

When we care for the well-being of our body, we show respect to the soul who specifically chose this body to live out a human experience.

Our soul must work in tandem with our brain and body. The more harmonious the relationship, the more content will our perceived reality be  and the more our soul is able to fulfill its purpose.

Our reality is our perception. It  is part of our human nature to want a reality filled with joy, love, and abundance. A soul’s ultimate purpose is to grow and expand.

If your goal is an ageless lifestyle, then you must embody all these things. Through nurturing a spiritual path, not only will you have the life you want, you will also discover your true, ageless  beauty.

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Your spiritual connection is your own.

All faiths and beliefs that are based on love and respect for all beings are welcome in the Inspire Youthful community. We wholeheartedly believe that through nurturing your own spirituality, you will create an ageless lifestyle.

I’m so happy to be coming clean about the true story of Inspire Youthful and the path of how to achieve an ageless lifestyle.  Inspire Youthful is a space where the art of ageless living is fostered through mind, body, and spirit work.

Stay tuned for more spirit-work posts: next week, How a Spiritual Path Leads to an Ageless Lifestyle

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If you need help putting together a mind,body, and spirit lifestyle, check out my life-coaching services.

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