7 Best Practices for Exercising at Home

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Working out from home has never been easier. With online fitness videos and training, you have access to every kind of workout imaginable.

Some training styles work better for the home environment such as body weight training, yoga, and Pilates. If you have a few basic exercise equipment such as dumbbells and a pull-up bar, then additional options are available.

When I first started exercising at home I found it difficult. It was hard to get motivated and I was easily distracted by house chores (which only came to mind when I thought of exercising – so weird lol). But I finally got the hang of it and I’m enjoying having more options to stay fit.

If you’re thinking of working out from home here are 7 best practices to help you be successful.

1. Schedule your home workouts on your calendar

Not only does this practice remind you to workout, it also helps to organize your day so you have time to workout.

 2. Do stuff you like

In the last year I’ve gotten into yoga. I signed up for unlimited yoga classes online for $18.00 a month. Even if I only do 2 classes a month, it’s already worth it because that’s the same cost for 1 studio class.

3. Video tape yourself doing the exercises

This practice helps you see your form and is a great way to document progress. I recommend exercising in front of a mirror because it helps you stay in good form too.

4. Take selfies where you are exercising and post them on Instagram

This tip is what really got me going with my yoga and handstand practice. The Instagram community is so supportive that it makes you want to practice and constantly do better. I urge you to do Instagram fitness challenges because it can really motivate you to move more at home.

5. Have your exercise equipment in plain view

This tip helps to remind you to workout. For me, sometimes I feel like my foam roller is calling my name saying, “you know you’re suppose to…”

6. Find an online trainer or DVD program with a coach you like

Coaches are important because they tell you what to do and help you stay motivated.

7. Do impromptu exercise moves that you randomly perform throughout your day at home

I mostly work from home and I’m always on the computer so I have a few exercise moves I do throughout my day to keep me moving.

  • I do 4 jump squats every time I walk away from the computer. I try to step away at least every 30 minutes.
  • I do 10 triceps dips on my chair. My desk chair is very sturdy and I will bust out these dips when I’m reading or watching something online.
  • I do 1 pull-up every time I pass the hallway bathroom. I have a pull-up bar set up on the door of my bathroom and while I’m cooking or working I do a pull-up and hang there for a few seconds.

Click here to watch some of my home shenanigans 😉 home workouts

  •  10 Push-ups. Sometimes I just drop to the floor or use a counter and knock out a few.
  • 1-3 wall handstands at least 1x a day to improve my handstand skills.

Incorporate some of these best practices when you workout from home and find more success with your health and fitness goals!

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