13 Reasons to Improve Your Posture & Learn My Best Posture (and Life) Tip Ever!

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Good posture is important because it helps you to be healthy and confident which leads  you to being happier! And that’s a good thing! 😉

13 Reasons Good Posture Helps with Your Health and Boosts Confidence

1. Good posture can prevent chronic back pain.

2. Good posture may prevent migraines caused by muscle pain and tension caused by poor posture.

3. Good posture helps to prevent injury when moving or exercising.

4. Good posture helps you to breathe correctly.

5. Good posture aids in food digestion.

6. Good posture promotes blood circulation.

7. Good posture may help the brain release “feel-good” hormones that contribute to a positive well-being.

8. Good posture lets you look people straight in the eyes which makes you appear more trustworthy.

9. Good posture creates a “taller”appearance which makes you look stronger and gives an air of authority.

10. Good posture helps to project a state of alertness which promotes safety and a “can-do” attitude.

11. Good posture makes you look more assured and composed.

12. Good posture helps to present a more youthful and vibrant you.

13. Good posture helps you ROAR! (By that we mean it gives you the courage to ask for what you want in the life!)

Learn My Best Posture (and Life) Tip

I write about and promote good posture a lot because I’m aware of  the benefits. Improving my posture has helped relieve so many issues such as: chronic back pain, migraines, indigestion, solved my anxiety that was caused by shallow breathing, relieved the tightness in my chest, believe it or not I was slightly bow-legged until I improved my pelvic posture, and then it also helped to make my stomach look flatter because I use to stand so poorly that I was sticking out my stomach and I didn’t even know it! And yeah, all that doesn’t even cover how improving my posture improved my self-esteem. So there. That’s why I’m such a stickler for good posture. (Just ask my clients and students!)

Anyway, the other day I was driving and a few things were happening… First, I had a little anxiety thinking I was going to be late for an appointment because I was stuck in traffic. I was also worried that I wasn’t going to find parking. Next, I became aware that I was slouching as I drove. Finally, I noticed I wasn’t happy, that I was actually feeling kind of down. (Not really knowing why… Does that happen to you?)

Then I caught myself.

I said to myself, “This is all in your head!”

And then I said, “Get out of your head and lead from your heart.”

Soon as that idea came in — I perked right up!


With that thought, my driving posture immediately improved. It’s like my body got zapped and I became and felt “lifted” in some way. My mood did a 180-turnaround and I started to smile. I kept saying the phrase, “lead with my heart.”

As I repeated it like a mantra,  traffic started to move and then out of nowhere a parking spot appeared — like it was waiting for me to arrive! I didn’t even have to look for it or change lanes. I just drove in the spot like a rock-star. I was stoked! (Obviously, it doesn’t take much to make me happy!)

I got out of the car, paid the meter, and started towards my destination. As I walked, I was still mentally repeating, “lead with my heart” and I must have been smiling, glowing, or something because  people were smiling back at me and making way for me. I was definitely feeling better and now, I had a spring to my step. I no longer thought I would be late. Instead I was thinking, I’m going to be there in perfect time and I was! I walked in a few seconds before my client and so she never even knew I was running late!

So what’s the big posture tip and moral of the story?!?!

Lead with your heart!

It’s a physical, mental, and spiritual up-lift!

By leading with your heart you will be sitting and standing taller — I kid you not. You’ll be walking with a “heart-strut” (Quote me on that!) where people will be taking notice thinking — what did she have for breakfast and how can I have double-shot of that!

Heart-strut: /ˈhärt-strət/ verb: to walk leading with your heart Click To Tweet

Leading with your heart helps to ease your mind, making it easier for you to realize what matters most, as in — follow your heart. It’s a mindful way to ground yourself into the present moment and to let your spirit shine through.

Leading with your heart promotes good posture, positive feelings, reduces stress, and helps to attract all manner of fortuitous situations!

Try it now.

Improve your posture (and life) by leading with your heart!

I dare you!

Lead with your heart as you walk around the house, sit in front of your computer, and yeah, do it while you drive!

Then ask yourself, “How do you feel?”

Leading with your heart is a quick fix. It can immediately improve your posture and mood. As a life-coach and fitness trainer, I have to honestly say it won’t replace the work of improving your core strength, undoing your muscle imbalances, changing your mental game, and doing the other holistic strategies that go into really creating a stronger and more confident you. But, in a pinch, your heart-strut will make you look and feel better! So use it.

As a life mantra — leading with your heart — well, you can’t go wrong with that sister so go forth. 😉


Your coach,


Inspire Youthful is totally down for people having good posture because we know it makes life better in so many ways. If you need help improving your posture check out our Better Posture in 30 Days Program — it can really help. We promise.Better Posture in 30 Days ProgramDays ProgramspireYouthful

photo credit: Hello, Sunshine! via photopin (license)

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