10 Signs Your Mindset Complements an Ageless Lifestyle

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An ageless lifestyle is about possessing optimal health, mind-body-spirit coherence, and exuding a timeless way of being.

If you have ideas that maybe this lifestyle is for you, then watch for these 10 signs. If they describe your daily thoughts and actions (at least 80% of the time), then you are in the zone my friend!

1. Your health is a top priority.

You are aware of what you eat and make a point to move more. It’s not about crash diets or punishing workouts,  but a lifestyle of eating healthier and doing things you like that make you break a sweat too! You want a body that can bend with ease and possesses vibrant energy to enjoy an active life. You believe your life adventure isn’t over until the curtain drops!

2. You want to be free of pain and disease.

Having good health motivates you, but what really gets you making all the right decisions is the simple fact that you want to age gracefully. You want to avoid chronic pain, joint replacement, and life-long prescription medication. If sh*t happens — fine, but while you’re alive and kicking and are able to do preventative measures, then you are on that like white on rice.

3. Your independence is worth a lot.

You want to open your own jars and carry groceries up a flight of stairs like it ain’t no thang. Knowing this, you choose to do a little more now — from walking regularly to lifting heavier weights —  you know being physically active is something you want to do your whole life.

4. Your body is a temple where your soul resides.

You know that you are more than just this physical mass of bones, blood, tissue, and cells. You are a soul having a human experience and because you know this deeply, you treat your body with kindness. You listen to her reactions — the sensitive ways she reveals to you how she’s feeling and getting on. You slow down when she’s tired and you rev up when she wants to dance!

5. Your mind health is vital.

You want your brain engaged and inspired — never wanting  to stop learning. Everyday is seen as a possibility where you may encounter something new. You live for those moments where you can still be in awe because this is how you retain your youthful spirit.

6. Your heart is your compass.

You’ve arrived at the age where “following your heart” is not some trite saying, but a truism that begets your gratitude. You follow your hearts’ command because it steers you true. When you choose heart-expansion (doing what makes you feel good) versus heart-contraction (doing what makes you feel less than good) you are rewarded with joy and abundance.

7. Your spirit grounds you.

This deep connection with your high-self is what makes you timeless. Your soul is perfect and knowing this frees you from the pressure of having to be more than who you are already. Your soul, in its infinite wisdom accepts you — this body — in its imperfect state as a gift and a vehicle for its growth and expansion. You are everything she will ever want and need.

8. You believe it’s never too late for you.

You still have dreams and you continue trying to live your best life. Your increasing age is but a description of how many times you’ve witnessed the earth revolve around the sun.  It’s not a warning sign to mark your end of days. The passing of time has given you wisdom to make better decisions and confidence to do the things that are important to you. Time has become your friend.

9. You think you have all the time in the world.

Knowing your soul is infinite reminds you that this one human lifetime is but a spec of dust in an ocean of sand.  There is “no-not-getting-it’.” Ever. You will get everything you need to grow and expand. If doubt arises, the struggle you perceive is an illusion brought on by resistance — the non-acceptance of your timelessness. But you know this. Then, once aware, you settle in for the ride and enjoy the journey as it unfolds.

10. You accept that you are where you need to be.

Time has revealed to you that everything is sequential. Your present expansion relying on past growth and understanding. Whatever your circumstance, you realize it’s just a stepping stone to the next part of your journey. With this knowledge in the back of your mind, you breathe easier.  You realize — you’re getting the hang of it — after all this time.

An ageless lifestyle is a deep and meaningful way of life. Its appeal and beauty goes beyond the skin.

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