Your Time is NOW: How to Overcome Procrastination Effectively

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Learn a holistic concept to overcome procrastination and let your “someday” be now.

Procrastination is defined as “the act of delaying or postponing,” but if we’re really honest, procrastination is a form of avoidance.

You avoid whatever it is you must, should, or want to do through delaying, postponing, and even deferring to do other activities that are either more pleasurable or less difficult.

We have all procrastinated and that’s why house chores get neglected, homework is done last-minute, and projects are pushed back. Eventually, this stuff gets done and the setback isn’t too regrettable.

But, how about when we procrastinate on more important stuff like telling people how we feel, or when we avoid going to the doctor, or when we keep saying “someday” on that dream or life goal. In these instances, procrastinating can lead to a life of regrets.

Why do we avoid things that are important to our health, happiness, and well-being?

I believe we procrastinate in these cases out of fear and negative beliefs.

There are underlying fears that stop some of us from following through, being more assertive, and / or proactive. We may also possess limiting beliefs that prevent us from pursuing our goals, expressing our feelings, and living out a more brave existence.

Do the following exercise:

  • Think of something important that you should be doing, but you’re not.
  • Say it out loud, “I should ______________________________”
  • Close your eyes and ask yourself, “Why am I not doing this — what am I afraid of?”

Your answer will either be a fear of some sort, a negative belief, or a combination of the two.

For example, someone might answer with:

“I should lose weight.”

“I’m afraid because I think it will be too hard. I’ve tried before and I gained it all back. I’ll probably always be overweight.”

In this example, you can see why this person  might have reservations and what kind of negative beliefs may be blocking their ability to lose weight.

From this example, the fear is that it will be difficult and failure is likely. The possible limiting beliefs are “I can’t do it”, “I’m not good enough”, and maybe even, “life is hopeless.”

Without going too far off topic, let’s explore this example of “weight loss” as it will lead us to our method of overcoming procrastination.

Weight loss is not an easy fix. Many factors contribute to why a person has gained weight and has a hard time losing it. Genetics, habits, experiences, knowledge, resources, fears, and beliefs all play a part. But, if you can fix the fears, negative beliefs, and heal the bad experiences — the other things become easier to handle.

Your life is not solely dictated by your genes or your history for that matter. You always have options. You just have to be aware of them and clearing out your fears and limiting beliefs will help.

Think of weight loss as a huge dining table you want to get rid of. The tabletop is the “problem”—the weight—and the legs are the experiences, beliefs, fears, and whatever other “blocks” that are supporting the problem.

In order for you to get rid of this table—because it’s big and can’t fit through the door of your house—you have to chop off the legs. You “chop off the legs” by healing and remedying the blocks, fears, beliefs, and bad experiences.

When you take down enough legs, the table collapses—the person loses weight. Since the major issues that were preventing the weight loss are fixed—this time—the weight stays off.

“Collapse the Table” to Solve Your Procrastination Problems

  • Think of the tabletop as the thing you should be doing but you’re not.
  • Imagine the legs of the table are your fears, negative beliefs, and bad life experiences —the reasons you procrastinate.
  • Chop off the legs.

By doing this you will remove the reasons why you’ve procrastinated. When there is no reason to avoid a situation or problem, you’ll have the ability and clarity to face it and address it as best you can.

Apply this strategy to stop your “avoidance” practice. Use it on important goals that affect your health, happiness, and well-being.

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to say what you want to say, do what you want to do, and be who you want to be without fear or delay.

  • How awesome would that be?
  • How would your life improve?
  • Can you see how happy, content, and at peace you would be?

You can use any therapy that works for you to “collapse the table” and “chop off the legs.” I’ve found that EFT & Matrix Reimprinting to be the most efficient. EFT being the fastest way to resolve emotional problems and Matrix Reimprinting being the most effective way to heal bad memories, traumas, and limiting beliefs.

The main takeaway for overcoming procrastination is to get to the core reasons why you do it in the first place—the fears and negative beliefs.

Watch this video, learn EFT, and have this amazing self-help tool at your fingertips so that you’ll procrastinate less.

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If you need help overcoming procrastination—if you want to “chop” some serious legs so you can get going on what you want to do—then check out my EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Services.


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