How a Spiritual Path Leads to an Ageless Lifestyle

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Following a spiritual path  and focusing on connecting to your soul will lead to an ageless lifestyle.

An ageless lifestyle is about possessing optimal health, mind-body-spirit coherence, and exuding a timeless way of being.

By exploring your belief system, you will create everyday happiness, cultivate feelings of peace and understanding, and discover a sense of purpose. All these good feelings contribute to your physical health, mental well-being, and affect how well you age.

The presence of spirituality, faith, or religion in a person’s life helps them have more happiness by providing comfort in times of need, confirmation in times of joy, and council in times of uncertainty.

Having faith keeps a person positive and hopeful, giving them a better chance at experiencing happiness.

When you experience daily peace and happiness from your spiritual practice, you are less stressed. Decreased stress means better health. For example, when one is generally in a balanced or neutral state, it would be unlikely that he or she would have a hormone imbalance.

Conversely, a highly stressed individual may have cortisol and other stress hormones in excess running through their body.  Chronic stress has been linked to depression, heart disease, weight gain, and premature aging.

Our body is in constant repair mode. Simply stated, good cells are always trying to keep bad cells in check.

Think of stress as food for diseased cells. If you keep your body under a state of constant stress, you are effectively feeding the bad cells to get stronger and the natural process of your body’s ability to fight off disease will be undermined.

A spiritual practice can enhance your self-worth, connection to nature, and will contribute positively to your relationships. All these positive effects of spirituality help to lower overall stress, prevent health problems, and premature aging.

It may have occurred to you that why would a “spiritual” person care about the state of their body?

The body is the temple in which the soul resides.

Do you see monks treating their temple like donkey doo-doo? No, you don’t.

Revere your body as the vessel lucky enough to harbor the magical energetic being called your soul so that it can do the work it needs to do here on earth. (You feel me?!)

In pursuing a better grasp of your faith, you inevitably find a deeper understanding of yourself. Through this introspection, you uncover your deepest fears as well as awaken your undeniable  potential. Both are stirred, but the first is quelled by the love and secure feelings that come with having a faith, and the latter is stimulated and strengthened.

The effects of having a spiritual practice are bountiful: increased happiness, the discovery of one’s potential, and the pleasure of aging gracefully. When you live a spiritual lifestyle you also have an air of lightness about you, an easy-going, free-flowing, and timeless way of being.

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