Reaching for Dreams and Aspirations After 40 (Yes, It’s a thing)

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It’s never too late to be what you might have been.  ~ George Eliot

You’re never too old to pursue your dream. It may not be the same dream from when you were young—as dreams evolve just like you—but going after dreams, goals, and life aspirations ought to never end.

Many of us want to improve our circumstances. At the same time—as we get older—it’s less about having things and more about expanding our experiences, growth, and fulfillment. Because we’re older, we realize “things” come and go, but our feelings, experiences, and shared memories—the priceless stuff—are the things that make life worth living.

If you’re in this state of mind, the dreams and aspirations after the age of 40 are less about wanting more or being dissatisfied with what you have, but instead are a desire to satisfy curiosity, creativity, and a sense of adventure.

Don’t let society, other people’s judgments, and especially your own self-critic fool you—you have a curious side, you are creative in your own way, and you can be more adventurous if you want. Your older age actually helps you in these areas of your life because with age comes experience, knowledge, and perspective—your own valuable opinions about life.

By this time, you know what intrigues you and what you find uninteresting. After years of living, you’ve developed opinions and though your ideas may not be perfect — guess what? At this age, you’ve learned nobody is perfect. Frankly, your opinions need only be valued by you and hopefully, your loved ones too. With your unique perspective on life, you can cultivate new dreams and reach for goals that have significance to you.

If you want, the aspirations you reach for after the age of forty can be more meaningful and extraordinary.

Purposeful Living

When dreams and aspirations have meaning, they become a purpose. Some people find their purpose early in life and others a tad later. This is normal. People’s life purpose also evolve as they age.

The purpose that blooms later in life tends to have more value because you draw your understanding—wisdom—from a deeper well of experiences.

Years of observation, action, and reflection brings you to this purpose. Some would say, their life “lead” them to their purpose.

You are Timeless

When you adopt a timeless way of being you accept that you have all the time in the world to do what you’re supposed to do. It becomes a core belief that props your thoughts, actions, and dreams.

You breathe easier, relax into your moments, and move at your own (divinely inspired) pace. With this mindset, age is irrelevant and curiosity, creativity, and a life filled with adventure manifest with ease.

Forty is fabulous, but so will your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and so on. Believe this like your happiness depends on it because it does.

7 Ways to Cultivate a Dream at Any Age

1. That Fire is Your Dream

Ask yourself, what excites you? What topic gets you fired up that when you speak about it, people feel your enthusiasm?

Once you’ve got it — dive in. Build your confidence and immerse yourself in the information, culture, and speak/do/practice it every chance you get.

2. Your Heart Knows the Dream

What calls to you? What tugs at your heart strings and moves you?

Pinpoint this and let your heart lead the way. When your dreams are motivated by your heart—watch out world—something inspiring is about to emerge.

3. You’ve had the Dream

Dust off the dreams you once had. Reimagining an old dream with fresh eyes, a compassionate heart, and a seasoned life can give it new energy and meaning.

4. Get All “Oprah” on Your Dreams

Ask yourself, what has not following your dreams and goals cost you? What are your life regrets?

What would happen if your dream or goal came true? How would your life change?

Who would be happy for you that your dreams have become your reality? And who would be unhappy for you? I pose this question because the answer to the latter is a telltale sign of a block you have from going after your dreams. Heal that block.

5. Visualize Your Dream

Create a vision board depicting your dreams and aspirations. Then spend time thinking—visualizing—that it’s your reality. Feel it intensely and act purposefully toward its inevitable outcome.

If you live in the Bay Area, I’m giving a Vision Board Workshop in San Francisco at Tantara Wellness Center. Join me if you can and let’s get you moving toward your dreams!

meetupIntrenational6. Get on a Dream Team

There are others like you who have similar wishes and goals in life. Find them and create a community where you support each other in your endeavors. Meetup is a great organization to find people just like you that meet all over the world.

7. Make a Bucket-list of Dreams

You are free to dream as much as you like. =)

Studies have shown goals and dreams that are written down are more likely to be achieved. Increase the likelihood for each of your dreams, goals, and aspirations by putting a few small steps that you can take now next to it so that you move towards your dream.

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