Queen for a Day? Or, Queen for Life? You Decide

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Being queen for a day is mostly about getting what you want for “24 hours.” It’s a pretty fun day and usually appropriated to us by our loved ones for our birthday, anniversary, and / or Mother’s day. And, we are grateful to our family and significant other for this gift which I would describe as an effort of “showing their appreciation by truly listening to our needs and trying to give us what we want” (without much talk back) for a few hours (because it’s not really 24 is it? Since we all have to sleep. )

So very nice indeed, BUT how about if we want more?

Would you want to have more things go your way, get what you want more often, and have yourself be really listened to so that your words are heard — as when a Queen speaks?

Be a Queen for Life

The first definition of “queen” is :: “the female ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth.”

Priestess-empowerment translation :: “a female who rules her mind and body, in harmony with her spirit, especially who awakens to this position by discovering (after much turmoil) that it is her divine right.”

Are you on board with this sisters?

How to Be More “Queen” in Your Life

By discovering who you really are, uncovering what you’re made of, and believing your own story (fairy-tale.)

What does that mean?

Well let this sister-friend-warrior-queen tell you… 😉

1. Discovering who you really are means getting in touch with the source within you.

I’m going to say this in a few different ways that basically mean the same thing — that you’re a pretty special lady.

You are made of stardust. (That’s a fact.) Inside you are God particles. You are energy. You are unlimited potential. You are light. (And darkness too.) You are love.

As queens in the past have taken reign because of their birthright, so should you take control of your life by knowing your origins.

Get to know the divine soul within you.

Explore the infinite source of love, light, and joy that flows through your body and discover how you are deserving of all that is good.

When you choose to acknowledge this part of you, nurture this holistic relationship — soul-being, human-being, and God-being — and act in harmony — coherence between all these aspects of you — YOU become the queen of you. Sovereign to the little universe called your body (because your body is a fractal of the entire universe — a self-similar replica.)


Did you know that being queen of your self means you’ll be ruling over 100 000 BILLION cells?

When you think of it like that, don’t you think your body needs a queen to guide it?

Imagine “lost” cells.  Cells with no leadership. Do you think such cells could wreak havoc?

Unregulated cells turn into cancer cells. (That’s a fact.)

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2. Uncovering what you’re made of means knowing where you came from, what you’ve been through, and truly owning how you’ve grown, changed, and have become formidable in your own right.

To know where you came from is to take stock of your life experiences. To see and be amazed at the stuff you’ve been through and freaking fist-pound yourself to say — YOU did it. You’re badass. That sh!t was cray and you survived ma! More. Power. To. You.

Being a survivor changes you. And we are all survivors of something.

Most queens during their reign had to fight to keep their kingdom and throne safe. Your story is no different. You are also, no less capable.

A queen takes responsibility for herself and everything she has influence over. Her mind, body, family, connections, work, and home to name a few.

This idea of taking on “world-like-pressure” as a personal responsibility is not new to women, but the notion that one knowingly accepts the pressure because they want their kingdom — their little universe — to be governed lovingly, justly, and harmoniously, is.

This perspective of — ownership of your life and universe — is a game changer.

You thought you were a pawn.

You thought wrong.

You are the most powerful piece.

 3. Believe that you were born to be a queen and then act like it.

As a want-to-be-queen-for-life, you first have to go within and basically introduce yourself to your kingdom. Then you have tell them why you would make an excellent queen — because, you know… you’ve slayed dragons and all that. Next, the kingdom validates your request by doing some fact checking — does this potential queen believe what she says and does she do what she believes? (It’s impossible to lie to your mind, body, and spirit. They are present to everything you say and do.)

The last part to becoming a queen of your life is to actually believe it and then when tested with a life decision, difficult situation, or personal trial, this belief is proven to be true because you act in a queenly manner — in accordance to your beliefs. Beyond the “queen” aspect, the real question is — do your beliefs align with what you want in life?

You (queen) get what you want in life by stating clear and concise directives that support your desired goal and is in harmony with your beliefs.

What does that look like in real life?

When you are queen of your body you can say to her, “Eat organic whole foods 80% of the time so you stay healthy and vibrant.” This sentence is clear, concise, gives instructions, and explains the desired outcome. The only factor left is to find out if this statement falls in line with the person’s beliefs about themselves, health, and food to name some factors that can make this directive allowable or not.

For example, if the person believes that “I’ll always be fat because it’s in my DNA, I’ve always been heavy, and I don’t think anything I do will really help.” The limiting belief being that, “I am helpless.” Then stating the sentence, “Eat organic whole foods 80% of the time so you stay healthy and vibrant.” won’t do any good. The kingdom of cells, organs, and body systems that she governs will see that their queen really doesn’t believe that, and so they’ll will follow what they know to be true — her negative core beliefs.

When you are queen in your romantic relationship you can say things to your partner like, “Before you leave in the morning, kiss me good-bye because it makes me feel loved and connected to you.” This sentence is clear, concise, gives instructions, and explains the desired outcome. The only factor left is to find out if this statement falls in line with the person’s beliefs about themselves, love, and relationships to name some factors that can make this directive allowable or not.

For example if a person actually believes that they are unlovable, that they are not good enough, and that they must be perfect to be loved — then, no. The words may come out, “please love me this way…” but the parties involved will sense the lack of conviction and so it won’t be taken seriously.

Does this resonate with my sisterhood?

It is our beliefs that are either the biggest obstacle or the most supportive system we have in getting what we want in life.

Do we believe life is hard and miserable or that life is challenging and can be filled with fun?

Do we believe ourselves to be helpless and incapable or do we believe we are resourceful and strong?

Do we believe ourselves to be insignificant or something more divine and magical?

Do we believe ourselves to be victims of our circumstances or queens of our domain?

Whatever you believe — will be more true for you.

(And if your beliefs aren’t serving you as they should — then change them.)

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If you need encouragement and guidance with unleashing your inner queen, then check out my online life-coaching service.

Your coach,


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