No Matter Your Age, Feel Joy in Just Being

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I’m reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle for the third time since I first read it about 10 years ago. Each time—because I’m “different” every time I’ve read it—I’ve come away with a new appreciation, perspective, and understanding of myself and life. More importantly, I’m reminded of the fact that we really only have the NOW.

When I think of this statement, that I only have this very moment—the NOW—it reminds me of the saying, “Live each moment like it’s your last,” which I’ve found difficult to accept and follow because to me, this way of thinking is kind of morbid.

The meaning of the saying has you expecting to die that very day and so it doesn’t motivate me as it may others. Perhaps, because I’m all about ageless living—life longevity—this quote is too contrary.

I do agree that we only have the NOW because no one is promised tomorrow. No matter how I—we—plan for a healthy and long life, the universe doesn’t  owe us anything. This is a bummer indeed, but my spiritual beliefs comfort me, so there’s that.

The saying, “Live each moment as if it’s your last,” speaks a truth and intellectually—I get it—but I remain uninspired.

So what does motivate me to be more in the NOW?

Gratitude and joy.

In the NOW, I exist. For my existence, I am grateful. It’s a blessing to age.

When I’m in the NOW, I am filled with joy. It is a blessing to feel joy when you’ve felt and surrendered to the spectrum of other feelings one can feel.

So I don’t think of my NOW as my last moments. I think of them as my blessed moments and that inspires and motivates me to stay present—as best I can.

I say, ‘as best I can’ because unfortunately, falling out of the NOW is easy. But, with “systems” in place—life tools that help me find awareness, joy, and gratefulness sooner—I persevere.

With this joyful and grateful attitude for simply existing, it frees me to take chances, dream more dreams, and energizes me to make each moment that much more meaningful.

Also, I am more timeless in the NOW. Timelessness—as I’ve defined it—is having a mindset where one isn’t worried about time, it’s effects, pressure, and limitations. Being in the NOW is true freedom from time or as Eckhart Tolle says, “psychological time.”

If you, my ageless lifestyle compadre have problems staying present—experiencing the NOW—and you are also unmoved by “living as if it’s your last moment,” then I offer you this way of thinking…

Feel joy in just being.

At the core of this belief is an acceptance that you are enough as you are. If this notion is unbelievable to you just yet, then heal yourself so you awaken to this truth already.

Be grateful for your moments because they are precious. You can prevent a life of regrets through your awareness practice. With this attitude of joy and gratefulness, you’ll find it effortless to be more present.

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