Matrix Reimprinting Supports a Timeless Way of Being and More

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Part of Inspire Youthful’s message is to help women foster an attitude of timelessness.

We define timelessness as a behavior where an individual is undeterred by their age to do, accomplish, and be anything they want.  They have an unshakable notion that things will “happen” in due time or divine time. A timeless person believes in their infinite existence therefore also believes that time is on their side.

With that description it seems ideal to be a “timeless” woman. Who doesn’t want that kind of confidence? Imagine being so secure about yourself and the time you have. Talk about “the weight” being lifted off your shoulders! (Ladies, the game ain’t over!)

Matrix Reimprinting—a kind of energy therapy—supports a timeless way of being.

How does it do that?

Matrix Reimprinting heals the wounds that prevent you from being a timeless person and empowers you by helping you create new beliefs that support your timeless attitude.

What is Matrix Reimprinting?

Matrix Reimprinting was developed by Karl Dawson, who also co-authored the book, Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT. (Read it sister!) As the book title suggests, his method uses EFT (emotional freedom techniques) as part of its process to heal bad memories, traumas, and limiting beliefs. Just like EFT, Matrix Reimprinting uses the Chinese Energy Meridians to clear and balance your energy fields, where your memories are stored. Then, Matrix Reimprinting goes a step further and helps to change those beliefs or memories into more positive ones so that you can live a healthier and happier life.

Something to think about…

Many people believe their thoughts create their reality. (We agree.) There are some who believe that there is no order to things, that life is mostly accidental, and if it doesn’t seem so, then it’s just a coincidence. (Nah, this doesn’t jive with us.) Anyhow, here is an easy belief that everyone can wrap their head around.

What you learned growing up—your life experiences—filter how you view and conduct yourself in the world.

And that way of behaving—these particular learned and ingrained thoughts and actions—help to create your reality.

For example, if you experienced as a child your parents arguing over money, saw your parent work two different jobs to put food on the table, or that money was scarce and so they couldn’t buy you the things you wanted as a kid, then as an adult, you would have certain beliefs—learned from these particular life lessons—that now affect how you behave when it comes to money.

Some behavioral patterns or beliefs that a person who had these “lack-of-money” experiences could be:

1. You believe there’s not enough to go around.

2. You believe you have to work really hard to even barely make it in this world.

3. You can’t trust people to take care of you.

4. You shop like crazy to make up for what you didn’t have growing up only to bring you to debt and more money worries.

5. You are extremely frugal because you are concerned that you may run out of money.

6. It’s hard for you to make decisions about things that involve money.

7. You think it’s normal for people to argue about money.

8. You don’t have a positive relationship with money.

I’ve only described the possible negative beliefs and behavior patterns that some may have towards money (if they came from a background as I described in the example) because for many people who suffer bad memories and / or traumatic experiences, they usually end up creating limiting beliefs that prohibit them from living a better life. Of course, there are the “rags to riches” stories. Individuals that overcame similar situations, but these people are the outliers—the exceptions to the rule.

I’m no exception. For a long time I held the belief that “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” A saying that I learned as a young person which later became an internal mantra. Through Matrix Reimprinting I healed those thoughts and reprogrammed myself to have a more empowering and positive belief about money. Now, I believe abundance is everywhere and we just have to open our eyes, shift our perspective, and accept with graciousness the gifts the universe provides.

So what kind of past experiences can prevent a person from being more timeless?

The following are examples of life-experiences that may be contributing to a person’s less than positive attitude towards time, timeless ideas, and spirituality…

1. Your parent always brought you to school late or picked you up late after school and so now you’re late for most things even though you try not to be.

2. You ran late to a very important event in your past and was made to feel embarrassed in some way and now you have fears that such a thing will repeat—and of course, it does.

3. You failed at a “timed” test before and now you can’t handle time-pressure situations.

4. You’ve always done everything “last-minute” and so you’re used to having anxious feelings and now, not only do you continue in this hurried chaos, you start resenting and avoiding the things you need to do.

5. You chose a career or educational path that made other people happy and now you think it’s too late for you to have a rewarding career doing something that brings you happiness and fulfillment.

6. You’ve let good opportunities pass you by and now you believe you’ve run-out of time to get them back or maybe you think you don’t deserve good things to happen to you anymore.

7. You have regrets about not doing something that you wanted to do in your past and now you don’t try as much.

8. You saw how your parents lived with their regrets and now you fear the same thing will happen to you.

9. At a young age you were taught a set of religious or spiritual beliefs that no longer feel “enough” for you.  As an adult, it has you questioning and looking for deeper answers, but it seems you can’t get rid of the doubting feelings.

10. You were “made fun of” or told that something wasn’t true, or that it was make-believe when you expressed your thoughts, intuition, spirituality, and /or otherworldly ideas and now it’s hard for you to trust yourself.

Whatever the past experience that created the limiting belief about money, time, or whatever it is that is most pressing for you—it’s not too late for you to heal it.

Matrix Reimprinting can help you change those belief systems so that how you view the world shifts into something more positive and empowering. Then from there, you can make better decisions, attract more abundant opportunities, and have the ability to create the kind of life you want.

“From personal experience, EFT is the fastest way to deal with emotional problems and Matrix Reimprinting is the most effective way to heal them.” ~ Jeanne Floresca

Read the book Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT by Karl Dawson and Sasha Allenby, learn the method, or work with me. Either way, Matrix Reimprinting is something worth trying. There are other therapies that are helpful in healing your “life-wounds” and supporting your ageless living goals such as talk therapy, past life therapy, energy healing, and the like. No matter what system you use—heal yourself—the best way you can so that you may enjoy this time of your life.

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Be timeless sister and ROAR!

Your coach,


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