Is Time Going Too Fast for You and Are You Alarmed?

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Time is a precarious thing. Some people feel like time is running out, while others feel like they have all the time in the world. And then there are those who fall somewhere between. Some days, you think time is on your side and everything is going to turn out OK, and then something happens that alarms you to doubt your resolve and frantic panic sets in.

As I try to support my ageless-lifestyle-enthusiast-sisterhood about “timelessness,” this quality of being where we look upon time as our friend and ally — one that’s on our side, supporting our every action — I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about the doubt that can fester in every person’s mind when another year passes and things have not gone as hoped or planned.

If you’re triggered by the coming speed of the new year and you have a sense that — YOU’RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME — you’re not alone. Everyone feels this at some point in their life, and more so as they get older. Until, that moment, they don’t.

Here is the simple truth.

Life is about having a human experience and the time you are allotted is arbitrary.

You don’t know how long you have for this life, but what you should know is that whatever time you do have — is precious.

This idea of time being precious will resonate more as a person gets older and wiser. Though you don’t know when you will pass on in this life, you do have age markers that give you some ideas. People in their 30s can think one-third of their life is gone, and then in their 50s think that half their life is done.

It’s inevitable to come to this conclusion — that time and therefore life is precious — because you know in your human bones that there is an end point.

So what does one do with this knowledge?

Feel. At. Peace.

Time is precious so here’s what to do with the time you have so you can feel peace rather than alarm.

1. Feel your feelings.
2. Heal your hurts.
3. Constantly learn and grow.
4. Have tons of self-compassion.
5. Do things with love.
6. Be grateful.
7. Keep an open mind.

Our time is doled out to our family, friends, work, home, and hopefully to some interesting hobbies and fun physical activities, but no matter what you’re doing with your time — because you know time is precious — you follow these seven ideas.

When your mindset is about feeling your feelings, being grateful, learning, growing, doing things with love, keeping an open mind, being understanding, and healing yourself in the process — what do you think your time is going to be like on this planet?

Exactly. Your time is going to be meaningful.

When a significant portion of your time is spent doing meaningful things, you won’t hear those “running-out-of-time-alarm-bells”  (as often.) Because in truth, those bells only ring for people who pay more attention (worry-more-like) about other things and not these seven simple life enhancing ideas.

The older I get, the more I realize we do too much. Life is more simple than what we make it. Life is about having a human experience. Do that meaningfully, and you will enjoy the time you have.

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Final Thoughts

From time to time, you may want to ask yourself:

Is this worth my precious time?

Does this person deserve my precious time?

What could I be doing right now with my precious time?

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I believe my time is precious and I’m grateful to spend it writing, inspiring, and supporting others to live a meaningful life.

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