From Flailing, to Adulting, to Ageless Living – How I Got My Groove (and You can too)

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What is “groove?”

I define “groove” as :: having an established routine or habit(s) which puts one in a state of being comfortable with oneself and their environment.

Furthermore, I would place “finding one’s groove” as a type of enlightenment, an awareness of oneself and their understanding of where they are in the universe.

Here’s a funny meme relating what I mean::Shi(ft) Happens

So it’s taken over 40 years to get to this “enlightenment” phase of my life. Where I now help others with their “shit.” But, it’s only fair to say that I toggle (often) between awareness of my own “shit,” healing it, and then being able to inspire and guide others to do the same.

This latter part is where I think my “groove” is at. I’ve come to the point in life — having developed habits and check systems — where I can come into a situation and see my “shit” in relationship to it and with very little lag time, face and heal it, and then get to the growing and expanding bit that we all love. (Too bad we have to go through that pesky stuff in between.)

The road-map that got me here was filled with bumps, twists, and hazardous cliffs. If you’ve ever seen or heard of the Baha 1000 or any world rally course, life has kind of been like that. And no road is more special or makes someone more deserving of anything. So I know that your road has been just as arduous. Which makes us amazing individuals to have traversed it.

From Flailing, to Adulting, to Ageless Living

I consider my teens and 20s as my flailing years. A time where I mostly felt misunderstood, where I grasped for meaning and connection in the strangest places, and created scenarios of painful learning.

My thirties were my adulting years. A time of doing “grown-up and responsible things,” like focusing on my career, health, and building better relationships. Still, life lessons were a plenty as I began to become self-aware.

As I neared my forties my awakening solidified. Lessons became understandings feeding my growth and expansion. Awareness became second nature, and the life tools I’d been gathering for the last 20+ years became truly useful as I wielded them with more efficiency.

Now fully in my forties, I’m ageless living. I define that as having optimal health, mind-body-spirit coherence, and possessing a timeless attitude. More importantly, I am Queen of me. I’m still learning of course because that’s just part of life, but living in a way where I’m doing so — in my groove.

How can you be in your groove too?

Here are a few steps to finding your groove.

Step 1. Develop habits that help you live the life you want. Habits such as healthy eating, consistent movement, and nurturing self-awareness.

Step 2. Practice self-love and do self-healing on a regular basis. Healing your “shit” is the most important thing in life. It helps you love and accept yourself so that you can just BE. From this place of being, you fall into your groove.

Step 3. Repeat Steps 1 & 2 everrrrrryday until you are in your groove.

To be in your groove is to have established a routine or habit(s) which puts you in a state of being comfortable with yourself and your environment.

IMAGINE :: being comfortable with yourself. Experiencing true self-acceptance.

VISUALIZE :: being generally at ease with people or whatever it is that is going on around you.

What would life be like when you’re in your groove?

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