Celebrate Being a Woman of a Certain Age

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Celebrate being a woman of a certain age because with the right attitude, life just keeps getting better from here!

Most women are affected by the coming of their birthdays. Some are excited to celebrate the day of their birth while some dread another year going by informing them that they are getting older. As an ageless lifestyle enthusiast I encourage us to feel excited and grateful for each year we have.

Years ago in French class I learned the phrase, “d’un certain âge” (of a certain age.)The vague term is a euphemism for describing an “older” woman politely. But let’s go beyond that…

I admiringly imagine, that a woman who becomes old enough to be labeled as of a “certain age,” no longer has much use for counting her legal age. To her, it no longer matters how old she is, what matters instead is the wisdom she’s gained throughout her years. This wisdom is what empowers her and gives her hope to believe that though her future is not all written in stone — she’s confident in its general positive outcome because she knows where she came from,  what she’s been through, and how she’s had the strength to overcome much and therefore anything else that may come her way.

The attitude of honoring the gaining of wisdom — the experiences and lessons that have made a person — instead of fearing the accumulating years, IS what’s most relevant to a woman who embraces her timelessness.

I came to this conclusion when I turned 40 a few years ago, which coincided with me starting Inspire Youthful — a lifestyle blog about ageless living. Perhaps 40 might be considered relatively “young” in comparison to a person that others might label as being of a “certain age.” I don’t know. For me, this milestone struck a chord. I realized that because of my past experiences and lessons learned — my future — 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and so on were going to be so much better.

Of course, life still throws curve balls. We never really stop being students of life. Always learning, growing, and expanding. But, when I take stalk of where I’ve been, what I’ve seen, and felt, and then I realize that — I’m still standing — well, that just puts me back in the game looking for solutions, guidance, and healing instead of dwelling on whatever problem I think I have. So yeah, I’m feeling pretty good about being a woman of a “certain age.” I earned it.

To all my sisters, sometimes it’s like the years are whizzing by us and perhaps not everything has gone our way or like we hoped… However our respective stories have unfolded — we’ve been made stronger and smarter because of them. Each year that passes where we can smile more, laugh louder, and love harder shows how resilient we are. We got this.

There’s something to be said about a woman who’s reached the age where she knows what she wants, has the know-how to get it, the ability to solve the problems that may come her way, and who resolutely believes her time is now — no matter her age.

Actress Helen Mirren — a beautiful and empowered woman of a “certain age” — says she would tell her younger self to say the words “fuck off” more. I say, right on. First, we’ve always had the right to say it, but now — older — we’ve got the gumption to drop the mic and walk off stage. (Boom!) Celebrate your wisdom my ageless compadres. ROAR!

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