7 Ways to Nurture Your Inner Beauty

7 Ways to Nurture Your Inner Beauty

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My last few posts have been about finding the beauty within because it is the only beauty that matters. Unexpectedly, it’s become a series of posts that reveals the true foundation of an ageless lifestyle — it’s about soul celebration.

It started with a post about meditation as a means to health, happiness, and timelessness. Then I wrote about mind-body-spirit coherence — the true harmony you could have by just listening to your innate wisdom. Most recently, I posted about how your own healing is the answer to how to live your best life. Finally, I’m inspired to write about inner beauty because what matters most is how we feel inside.

Very few things are within our power to control. One of the most accessible is our thoughts. Specifically, we can direct our thoughts about ourselves to be more positive.

One thought is to believe that we possess an inner beauty that is real, eternal, and divine.

Your inner beauty is real.

Within you is something special. It is unique and does not exist anywhere else. Even in alternate realities – you are slightly different, but special all the same. As you exist, so does your inner beauty.

This beauty you possess is eternal.

It has been with you since your inception. You can deem it to be your soul, pure love, or the truth held within you, but know this fact – you are already timeless. (And you didn’t even know it!)

The core of you is divine.

Whether you believe that God made you in his likeness or that you are the manifestation of the universe -– it is one and the same. That which is in all things, is within you, and that thing is beauty.

The inner beauty you possess is the perfection of love, light, and life.

If you saw this version of you, you would be blown away. You would realize that you are everything you already want to be. That you are the love you seek, the goodness you look for, and the abundance you pursue. This is your inner beauty and it is perfect and everlasting.

To awaken to this knowledge – that we are whole and beautiful as we are – the world indeed would be a different place. We would act in love. We would be generous. We would be compassionate. We would be united.

Sermonizing isn’t my goal, but it must be said. I owe it to my soul-sisters to show them their true reflection, as I have seen mine. In full disclosure, it seems one can only see their inner beauty after it has been caked in mud, trampled, and dismissed. Even then, once revealed, it behaves like a capricious spectral only giving you fleeting glimpses of her — your — glory.

Therefore we have to be reminded we have it. We have to proactively nurture it. We have to seek it out on a consistent basis. (I wish my knowledge of her would just stick! It would make everything so much easier!)

So as I remind you -– I remind myself. We have inner beauty already. But, we must cultivate and connect to this deep part of ourselves more often so we can feel fully the love, light, and life we deserve.

How do we do that?

Here are 7 ways to help you see your inner beauty. (Get after it mama!)

1. Meditate

2. Listen and follow your intuition

3. Heal yourself from stuff that holds you back

4. Find out your life purpose and do it

5. Do things with love

6.  Practice self-care and self-love

7. Spend time with people who reflect their inner beauty so yours will blossom too

Read the other posts in this series to support your inner beauty exploration 😉

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