10 Ways to Find Love at Any Age

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Everyone wants and deserves love in their life, but for many it’s a feeling that’s not fully met.

The longing for love can create sadness, insecurities, and unhappiness. These down states of being add stress to life which affect the mind, body, and spirit health.

As people get older and for those who experience a lack of love, they begin to have thoughts such as:

When will I find love?

Is it too late for me to have love?

Who’s going to love me?

Will I die alone?

To have love is everyone’s right and so here are practices that will cultivate the beautiful feeling.

10 Ways to Find Love at Any Age

1. Nurture self-love.

Think of self-love as the beautiful home you build inside yourself. You want to build a home that is grounded, stable, comfortable, inviting, and filled with light so that when guests come over, they see and enjoy the beauty that resides within you.

At the core of self-love is compassion for oneself. Be kind and loving to yourself and discover one of the best relationships you’ll ever have.

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2. Find a connection with your spirit.

You don’t have to be religious to believe in spirit. Spirit just represents your innate essence.

When you feel connected to this deepest part of you, the more confident you will feel to express intense emotions like love.

3. Practice gratefulness.

When you feel grateful, you also open the gate to deeper feelings such as joy, contentment, and love because they go hand-in-hand.

4. Improve your connection with nature.

Fostering a relationship with nature helps you feel connected to your environment and the world. This will add to your feelings of gratefulness, sense of belonging, and increase your general well-being.

When you feel that you belong to something greater, it’s like learning you have a whole set of loving relatives you’ve never met. When you acknowledge that you are loved and supported by nature, you are freer to give love to nature’s beings—that’s everyone and everything in it.

5. Adopt a pet.

Having a pet will automatically increase the love you feel in your life. You get to practice giving and receiving love each time you hug, caress, and play with them. Pets teach us how to love unconditionally because they accept us—showing love and affection—no matter what mood or state we’re in.

6. Do selfless loving deeds.

To get more love, you must give love. Give love in a way that feels good to you. Do it in a manner that helps others and see how love manifests in your reality tenfold.

Live in a love frequency by constantly sending out love through gratitude, deeds, and good thoughts. Watch how all types of love are then drawn to you.

7. Tend to your family and friends.

When you surround yourself consistently with people who love you, the more you will feel love on a regular basis. Enrich your connections by spending quality time together—sharing in food, laughter, and fun.

8. Put out a love intention.

An intention is a positively stated sentence of something that you want to manifest in your life. Think of it as a type of focused goal.

Write a sentence or an essay describing the type of love you would like to have in your life. From romantic love to loving what you do for a job—define the loving feelings you want to experience—making sure every word you write is positively stated.

It’s been found that writing down your goals aid in achieving them, so why not create a goal for love.

9. Do things that expand your heart, not contract it.

Expanding your heart means behaving in a way that creates good feelings within you, such as joy, excitement, passion, curiosity, and so on. Conversely, doing things that contract your heart means creating situations that make you feel sadness, anger, jealousy, and boredom to name a few.

You could use this idea of heart expansion and contraction on any matter of life. Choose to initiate more heart expansion and experience more love filled moments.

10. Believe that you deserve love.

Our reality is shaped by our perceptions. See yourself worthy of the most genuine kind of love and it will bring you closer to that actuality.

Immerse yourself in love by keeping your friends and family close. Foster love in your life by doing things based on love, serving others, and practicing gratitude. If you surround yourself with love, you will find love at any age and everywhere you turn.

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