7 Day Love My Life Challenge: EFT Affirmations Makeover

Do you want to up-level your life?

  • Do you want the positive affirmations you say to stick? (Hello?! So they can come true?)
  • Do you want to feel good about yourself? From how you look to what you do for a living?
  • Do you want to see measurable and lasting change? To see and believe how you can actually manifest the life you want?

If you answered yes to these questions then take my FREE  7 Day Love My Life Challenge: EFT Affirmations Makeover

What is this challenge?

Think of it as bootcamp for your affirmations! Let’s get those self-beliefs in healthy shape!

We will take 7 predetermined affirmations—one for each day of the challenge period—and measure its truthfulness for you.

If the belief isn’t as strong as it should be, then we will give it a little ass-whooping! (Drop and give me 20 taps! hehe)

Why do you want to makeover your affirmations?

Since the advent of the self-help genre, we have been told by motivational gurus to think positive, say affirmations, and intend our deepest desires. Though these are great ideas and work for some — they don’t work for all. Most of us say and do these things without much success.

The lack of our success is not because we don’t try hard enough, it’s because we don’t actually believe in them—the affirmation that is—not entirely anyway.

For many, affirmations have what’s called a tail-ender. A silent self-limiting belief that follows the positive affirmation. This tail-ender is the true affirmation.

For example, finish the “but”—if you have one—for these affirmations:

I am a healthy person, but…

I love myself, but…

I accept who I am, but…

If you have a “but” phrase that follows your affirmations, then your real affirmation is the tail-ender and it’s like you’re driving with the breaks on.

How about if you can cancel out the “but”?!

How much more successful will you be at making the affirmation real for you? (By golly — I think she’s on to something!)

How do we whoop your affirmations into shape?

We use EFT (emotional freedom techniques).

EFT is a fast and gentle way to discharge emotional distress, traumatic memories, and negative thoughts. Think of it as emotional acupuncture, but we use finger tapping instead of needles. For this challenge, we will use one of the techniques that focuses on affirmation effectiveness — a process of steps to find out the ‘but’ and remove it.

Watch this EFT demonstration

The 7 affirmations for our challenge.

Day 1: I love and accept my body as it is and as it changes

Day 2: I have abundant energy

Day 3: I deserve to be happy

Day 4: I am worthy of an intimate and passionate relationship

Day 5: I give myself permission to do what I love

Day 6: My work is in complete alignment with my life’s mission

Day 7: I have a glorious future ahead of me

Say these affirmations aloud then ask yourself these 2 questions in your head:

1. Do you have any ‘but’ statements after them?

2. How would your life improve — what would you gain in life — if you believed these affirmations fully? (Booyah!)

How the challenge works:

  • You will get 7 daily emails focusing on one affirmation each day.
  • You will get a worksheet to fill out to measure the truthfulness of the affirmation.
  • You will get an EFT tapping sequence to perform.
  • You will remeasure the statements truthfulness and one of 3 things will happen:

1. You will increase the truthfulness of the affirmation for yourself.

2. You will find out what are the reasons—memories—you have that are creating those ‘but’ statements for you in the first place.

3. All of the above.

Either way you can’t lose! (And you could totally use this system for all your other affirmations and beliefs — bonus!)

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