Visualization – Day 4 of the 7 Day Self-Love & Miracles Now Challenge and Giveaway

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Click here to learn the particulars about our 7 Day Self-Love & Miracles Now Challenge and Giveaway. The winner has been selected, but do the challenge anyway if you happen to stumble upon this page!

Day 1, Making New Friends

Day 2, Positive Expectations

Day 3, Magic of Nature

Day 4, Visualization

Day 5, Higher Consciousness

Day 6, Honoring Your True Feelings

Day 7, Rise Above Problems

Welcome to Day 4!

Time to check in before we begin 😉 Did you spend time in nature?

Did you ring up your wonder-twin and spend time outside eliminating your positive charge and replenishing your electrons?!  (Huh? If I’m not making sense then you didn’t read Day 3. The post all about “earthing!”)

If you do know what I mean, then be one with the force—in harmony with earth’s negative charge—and get grounded! (Evrrrrrryday!)

Faerie Card:: Visualization

Today’s fairy card tells us that we are magical creatures with super powers. (The Woo-Woo Chronicles)

OK. Not to be too silly so you guys don’t unsubscribe, permit me to explain.

What you see inside your head—your visualizations—can transpire in your reality.

This is how the material is formed.

Take any example, a light-bulb or cell-phone, it was once someones visual idea that came to fruition.

A painter, sculptor, or any artist will tell you that they see their work in their minds-eye before they are able to fully create in its physical form.

You have the same ability. You only need to trust that you have it and then nurture the skill to wield it.

Repeat this affirmation to yourself periodically,

“It is safe for me to see. I am a visual person.” – Doreen Virtue, Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards

Your challenge today is to visualize something you truly desire.

It can be a material thing. But also, it can be a way of being.

For example, I always visualize myself relaxing on a chaise lounge, reading, writing, and even seeing myself actually doing “work” but still in this tranquil, stress-free environment. And guess what? That is the way of life I have created for myself.

Think of visualizations as the spec sheet or blue print of a future reality.

Imagine the life you want in your head, live like that is your lifestyle, then watch it unfold for real before your very eyes.

The “Fake it till you make it” motto is a real and effective way of getting what you want in life. Just ask Audrey,

“All my life I’ve been in situations where I’ve had no technique, but if you feel enough, you can get away with murder.” ~ Audrey Hepburn

Help yourself.

See it, feel it, work on “it” whatever that is for you like an artist—with passion and vigor—and then live it until your dream is realized.

If an ageless lifestyle is what want, see yourself doing youthful activities and being vibrant. Visualize yourself looking unchanged and feeling luminous. Glimpse yourself a reality where life for you is restful, stress-free, and joyful so that you age gracefully.

What you think and see in your mind will be your reality. Think good thoughts now, follow it up with concerted action, and your future self will thank you for it!

Miracle Message #21: Medidate for a Date

MediDate is spelled correctly. 😉

It is a term coined by Gabby for healing and attracting romantic love in your life. Again, awesome guidance from Miracles Now!

Basically, we are being guided to visualize and meditate on creating more romantic love in our lives! (Hubba, hubba!)

Gabby has 3 types of meditations which you can learn by clicking here.

Here is a simple meditation that combines the power of visualization and your heart space.

  • Begin in a easy seated pose.
  • Place both hands on your heart.
  • Observe 3 belly-breath cycles. Belly rise. Belly fall.
  • Say thank you in your mind for the wonderful things in your life.
  • Name as many as you can until you feel good, calm, and joyful.
  • Now, begin visualizing a romantic evening with your loved one or soon to be lover.
  • Spend time creating the images in your mind– try to imagine as many details.
  • As you see your love before you, feel good, happy, and loved.
  • Know that in some reality- this is happening now. And feel confident that soon, you will experience it for yourself.
  • Finish with observing your breath for 3 more cycles.
  • Then say thank you.


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