Timeless Insights on What’s Possible in Life

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Briefly, let me tell you how these insights on “What’s possible in life,” came about. Currently, I am in the middle of a 30 day Ho’opononono life practice and meditation.

Hoʻoponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. (Wiki)

The Ho’oponopono mantra is, “I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

During this time, I’ve meditated and chanted the mantra and tried to live in the spirit of Ho’oponopono. In doing so I have experienced the following:

1. Healing of certain family relationships

2. Healing of personal regret over doing certain things – a true self-forgiveness

3. Clear guidance (such as, gather with others and practice)

4. Feelings of peacefulness and lightness in my day

5. Improved reactions to daily events (easily taking self-responsibility and saying sorry without taking offense)

6. Increased feelings of love, joy, and trust

My results—measurable life improvement—is nothing short of amazing. I know my personal vibration has been elevated because of Ho’oponopono.

During a Ho’oponopono chanting meditation, images, thoughts, and feelings are brought to light. Intense emotions can surface. In my practice, I merely observed the images, thoughts, and emotions that were brought up. I continued with the chanting and in doing so I felt a “healing” of sorts. I felt forgiveness, compassion, lightness, joy, love, and freedom.

After meditating and throughout my day, I would also get insights and deeper understanding of my life which I know was triggered by being in the Ho’oponopono mindset and frequency.

One of my “downloads” was this insight into my relationship with “possibility” and how it has played out in my life. The ideas that came showed me a timeline of my beliefs about what I thought was possible during a certain period of my life. Looking at it from my wisdom of today, I see how I’ve grown.

Thank you for letting me share with you these insights. I’ve tried to give the ideas a bit more context than how I received them and so I hope it is understandable and relatable.

What is possible?

When I was a child, I thought everything was possible. I saw myself as a “lucky baby.” Everything I wanted I was able to manifest. I think back during those times and feel so much comfort that I had this belief and power. 

Through a series of events as a young adult, I thought my luck had run out. Nothing was like I thought it would be and life seemed impossible to bear. I fell into the despair. 

It would be years later that I awaken to the familiar feeling of luck and power. What I mean by this is my ability to make and manifest real change in my life seemed to come back. I became empowered to co-create the kind of life I wanted. 

With this rekindling of what I thought was possible, I tapped into my creative nature. I used my light and dark experiences to explore life’s possibilities. 

Alas, it became clear that I’m not as skilled as when I was a child. Some things were effortless, but on the whole, there was a lag. My luck was not the same and this was confusing. 

Am I not the co-creator of my life? Don’t my thoughts, beliefs, and actions steer me in the direction I wish to go? 

With frustration, I throw my hands up and say, ‘Life is impossible!’

I retreat. I sulk. I lick my wounds. I observe. 

A few years back I created a metaphor for myself. Just like Darwin’s tortoises developed different features—one set of tortoises developed longer necks to eat from higher trees—evolution supporting the animal so that it will get what it needs to survive and thrive, I came to believe, ‘My evolution is inevitable because the universe supports what I reach for.’ 


What if what’s possible is what will be?

Do I need to co-create? Do I even need luck? 

What if by simply existing and being true to my nature I am supported? 

Is it really that simple?

What’s possible for me exists as I exist to experience it. 

Thank you Ho’oponopono for your guidance and light.

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