Rise Above Problems – Day 7 of the 7 Day Self-Love & Miracles Now Challenge and Giveaway

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Click here to learn the particulars about our 7 Day Self-Love & Miracles Now Challenge and Giveaway. The winner has been selected, but do the challenge anyway if you happen to stumble upon this page!

Day 1, Making New Friends

Day 2, Positive Expectations

Day 3, Magic of Nature

Day 4, Visualization

Day 5, Higher Consciousness

Day 6, Honoring Your True Feelings

Day 7, Rise Above Problems

Welcome to Day 7!

Faerie card:: Rise Above Problems

To rise above our problems is to mentally and spiritually say, “I can and will overcome.”

The fairies say, to rise above problems is to have faith that you will solve whatever it is—even if you don’t have a clue at how it will be done. You must only have a “knowing” and the solutions will come about.

This kind of confidence takes time to build. (Even with fairies on your side.)

How do you develop a “knowing”?

By trusting your higher consciousness.

Your high-self knows more than you can imagine. In fact, the guidance you seek from books, sages, and spiritual centers is already within you. You only need to seek the God within to tap into that knowledge.

Your higher consciousness will guide you to the answers you need to solve any and every problem you will ever face in life.

Your challenge today is to seek out your higher consciousness for council on a problem you’re facing.

Ask sincerely for guidance and solutions at whatever distresses you.

If you’ve never asked your higher consciousness for advice, here is one method I use to begin the conversation.

Put out a thought intention for help.

For example, a person who had problems at work, who wanted to change jobs, or make more money might send a thought intention that goes something like this…

“My intention is to feel more fulfilled with the work I do. I would love to be more creative, feel useful, and increase my income. I am open to change. I ask for guidance and clear signs as to what I should be doing. Thank you.”

Then look, listen, and act quickly when your high-self speaks!

Miracle Message #22: Lose the Stage Fright

Stage fright can show up in our lives in different ways. Of course, there is the usual panic that comes with having to speak in public, give a toast, or any situation where we need to be vocal with our thoughts and feelings.

But can you imagine being afraid to talk to yourself? To ask guidance from yourself?

Why would anyone be scared to ask themselves for guidance?

It’s because they don’t trust themselves. They don’t believe they have the knowledge to guide themselves out of a situation or know the right thing to do.

It is not uncommon for people to mistrust their own instincts.

There are many ways to develop self-trust—to have that “knowing”so you can believe in your own thoughts and guidance. I guide my clients through this very obstacle.

One way I recommend them to overcome this limiting belief is to do EFT(emotional freedom techniques) on themselves.

EFT, also known as tapping is a great way to release fears and limiting beliefs such as being unable to trust your own thoughts.

Tapping on your meridian points, where your energy—life force—flows can help heal these very fears.

Gabby offers a tapping technique in her book, Miracles Now just for this fear of stage fright.

“Apply medium pressure to the back of your forearm (either arm works!) approximately three inches from the back of the wrist. Hold the pressure for one to three minutes. This one-minute miracle can help you release stag e fright and guide you to establish a new emotional pattern.”

Watch me teach EFT to 5th Graders and learn this valuable life-tool.

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