Knowing My Why and Finally Accepting It — Priceless

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I am called to “come out” once again. I’m urged from within to speak my truth—own up to who I am—and what is.

The first time I came out on this blog was to reveal that though Inspire Youthful is about ageless beauty, timeless living, and how to do that through health, nutrition, DIY self-care, and mindful practices, it’s more so—at the core—about spiritual awakening and how living in that vibration gets you an ageless lifestyle.

This is still true and very much how I live.

I started Inspire Youthful to share my ageless living practices—and it’s something I will continue—but now I’m being “told” to focus on my true nature.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” ~ Mark Twain

I’ve known my “why” for some time, but I was too chicken to admit it. Or, perhaps, I still had many lessons to learn, wounds to heal, and confidence to build before I could own up to it. (Yup, probably all that.)

So here goes the proverbial throwing of the gauntlet…

I am a psychic healer and I feel called to share this spiritual gift with others to help them in their healing journey.

Looking back and connecting the dots, I realize I’ve always been psychic. As a kid, I thought I was an oddball, that  I had an over-active imagination, and that I was too sensitive. As an adult,  I used euphemisms to describe myself such as being an intuitive, empath, and even, an “energy” healer because I was afraid to use the word “psychic.”

Growing up in the 80’s—with 1-800-psychic commercials—the word “psychic” had too many undesirable connotations. Also, people who admitted such things in the past have been persecuted in many ways and so—why would anyone want to admit to being that?

It’s scary to feel things so deeply, to see both darkness and light potential. It’s hard to explain to people you hear and see things others may not because you’re afraid they’ll make fun of you, call you a fraud, and plainly—just be mean to you.

Here’s the deal…

I’m not here to convince anyone that I’m psychic or that what I “see” , “feel”, and “hear” is real.

It’s real for me and that’s good enough.

It feels real to the people I’ve helped and that’s where the confidence to reveal this information has come from. By the by, I’m not here to force anyone into “healing” either.

Also, since I’m being real, I was “told”—by an entity named Aunty Mame no less—through another gifted healer, that I am indeed “psychic, a channeler, and powerful as all get outs and I should stop messing around and just call myself what I am.” (I’m paraphrasing, but you can sense how persuasive she was 😉

So there it is.

I’m still scared about what others will think, especially from the people I love. Will they accept me? Will they roll their eyes and make fun of me? I don’t know. I know my Mom and Dad are super on board and so that helps a lot. My close girlfriends stand by me and that’s truly comforting.

My boyfriend of 13+years—Mr. Self-described “Atheist”—has come around. He has let me put crystals on him and heard me say countless times, “My guides said this…” and done so without calling the nut house. If he can handle it, even if he doesn’t fully buy into it, though he’s recently said, “Help me because it seems like you can do something…” or “Can you put a stone on it…” Anyhow, because he accepts who I am, it makes me less fearful of letting others know.

What does this mean for Inspire Youthful?

I plan on still being active on my blog because ageless living is my lifestyle and sharing ideas about how to do that is fun for me, but future posts might be published monthly rather than weekly, as will my newsletters. I reserve the right to write when I want and share when I’m moved.

What does this mean for my life-coaching services?

I will keep my current client roster for as long as they want my guidance, but I’m no longer taking life-coaching clients.

So what will be my focus?

My Matrix Reimprinting and Psychic Healing service called The Freedom Matrix.

This is what I’m called to do. My why.

Guided by my psychic abilities and using EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, crystals, and angel cards, I help people heal their past and transform their present and future so they can experience more life freedom.

What now?

If you’re an Inspire Youthful blog subscriber, lookout for future posts about ageless living because I do have a few in the works!

If you’re into what I revealed  today, then check out

One of the tenets of an ageless lifestyle is to be authentic. The older you are, the more you realize how ridiculous and painfully soul wrenching it is not to be yourself.

Here is to accepting yourself and being less afraid to be that person.

Your coach and psychic,

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