Honoring Your True Feelings – Day 6 of the 7 Day Self-Love & Miracles Now Challenge and Giveaway

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Click here to learn the particulars about our 7 Day Self-Love & Miracles Now Challenge and Giveaway. The winner has been selected, but do the challenge anyway if you happen to stumble upon this page!

Day 1, Making New Friends

Day 2, Positive Expectations

Day 3, Magic of Nature

Day 4, Visualization

Day 5, Higher Consciousness

Day 6, Honoring Your True Feelings

Day 7, Rise Above Problems

Welcome to Day 6!

Faerie Card:: Honoring Your True Feelings

Honoring our true feelings is a way to practice self-love.

This fairy card reveals that we need to acknowledge our emotions. That we have the right to feel our feelings, that they are valid for us, and that each feeling—good or bad—has its place and effect on our growth.

To “feel the feelings” is an important process in the pursuit of an ageless lifestyle. The effect of feelings on our lives is substantial—our feelings is what drives us to change, do better, and move forward.

Our feelings can also be what holds us back and keeps us repeating the same lessons.

At times, we can think that we have no feelings at all—that we are numb. It is not unusual to exist  disconnected and detached from our feelings.

The irony in not being able to “feel the feelings” is that our body is one “big feeling”organ.

Our body is constantly feeling, from the wind on its face to the steady or elevated beat of  our heart. The question is—why are some feelings blocked or seem to not register in our brain? As if we pressed the mute button.

Of course there are many reasons for this, but for our challenge, we will focus on one factor that may be preventing a person from feeling their true feelings.

One issue can be lack of awareness.

Awareness is the quality of being where you are wholly present, in harmony, and connected to yourself—your higher consciousness.

To live in constant awareness is a life-long practice. Some days will be better than others. The more you find yourself in the state of awareness, the more your life will feel blessed,  effortless, and timeless.

Your challenge today is to try to practice awareness for the next 24 hours.

Then write down in your journal or ponder how your day was affected by this practice.

  • Did you feel more?
  • Were you happier?
  • How was your focus?
  • Were you in flow?

Miracle Message #43: I choose peace instead of this.

You are the driving force that makes things happen. Your thoughts and actions propel your reality. Choose love over fear. Choose peace over anger.

Choose to be the light above all things.

Along with your awareness challenge today, when you feel any “other” feelings that are not peace, joy, love, and light—choose to have a more positive feeling.

As Gabby says, “I choose peace instead of this.”

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