Higher Consciousness – Day 5 of the 7 Day Self-Love & Miracles Now Challenge and Giveaway

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Click here to learn the particulars about our 7 Day Self-Love & Miracles Now Challenge and Giveaway. The winner has been selected, but do the challenge anyway if you happen to stumble upon this page!

Day 1, Making New Friends

Day 2, Positive Expectations

Day 3, Magic of Nature

Day 4, Visualization

Day 5, Higher Consciousness

Day 6, Honoring Your True Feelings

Day 7, Rise Above Problems

Welcome to Day 5!

Faerie Card:: Higher Consciousness

This card is drawn to affirm that the path we’ve chosen for ourselves is the correct one.

All our thoughts, feelings, visualizations, dreams, and actions that we’ve experienced has been in the name of spirit. When we ask ourselves for help—to cultivate more self-love, awareness, connection, abundance, and happiness—we are guided by our higher consciousness.

When we listen and follow through on the guidance from our high-self, we are in a state of “spirit-living.”

Spirit-living is a way of being where you feel connected, loved, supported, inspired, fulfilled, and are in harmony with the universe and beyond.

When you live through spirit you are in flow. Life becomes easier, things come together for you, and you are able to manifest a happier and abundant reality for yourself.

Through spirit-living, you create an ageless lifestyle.  A life where you are at ease, accepting, loving, peaceful, and joyful. You have an air of timelessness and holiness about you.

We are all holy.

Our higher consciousness is proof that we are holy.

The more we listen to our higher consciousness the more our holy is manifested in our reality.

Our holiness comes out as the unconditional love, understanding, and compassion we show to all things. It resonates through our actions of good and purposeful living. It is detected in the light of our eyes, our aura, and in the frequency we emit.

It is acknowledging our holiness that gives us real grace, confidence, and peace to live a good life.

Your challenge today is to let your holiness be exposed.

  • Show someone unconditional love.
  • Practice understanding and acceptance of a difficult situation.
  • Give compassion to someone who needs it now.
  • Do something good for someone.
  • Decide to follow your divine purpose.

Miracle Message #71: Rest, Relax, Restore

During sleep is when the body re-energizes, repairs, and ideally calibrates to a healthier state of being.

Sleep is also a way to tap into your higher consciousness.

Restful sleep is a meditation. When asleep your mind chatter can be subdued and you  are able to converse with your higher-self more easily. Try this tonight…

As you lay down to sleep, create a thought intention to ask for guidance, be revealed any important information, or to simply feel connected with your spirit self.

When you wake the next morning, try not to jump out of bed quickly. Instead, lay in bed, in that “half-asleep” state and listen or feel for any deeper understanding. The more you try to do this, the better you will get at interacting with your higher-self.

Gabby also offers a meditation in her book called Yoga Nidra which you can find here. It will help you feel rested which will improve your sleep quality and enhance your ability to commune with your higher consciousness.

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