Find More Joy in 2016 by Doing This

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During the last days of 2015, I saw a meme by Guide Post of Light that said, “This January, why not start the year with an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happen. Then on New Year’s Eve empty it and see what awesome stuff happened that year.” I thought, what a fantastic idea! So I got my jar ready. 🙂

Why do this in 2016? (Or any year for that matter?)

Find More Joy in 2016 by Doing This1. To Promote a Positive Mindset

See and note the goodness that you experience all year to keep your mind in a positive state. With this activity, you can manage where your general thoughts lie and where your feelings settle.

As we’ve all experienced, our minds can get the best of us. Our thoughts can create scenarios in our head that are not so positive and—that’s ok. Life isn’t perfect. We don’t need to have perfect thoughts and perfect feelings. That’s not what this is about.

But, if we can help ourselves by steering our thoughts and feelings to be more positive, loving, and grateful—by noticing our joyful moments—then I believe we owe it to ourselves to do that because we deserve to be happy.

Also, when we have a positive mindset, we are in a better place to be creative, solve problems, and lift ourselves (and others) up.

2. To Support the Law of Attraction

The premise of the Law of Attraction is like attracts like. So if your mindset is mainly positive, then you’ll attract more positive situations to you.

With your optimistic way of thinking, it’s easier for you to feel things like joy, laughter, love, and gratitude. As you experience these feelings so will you attract more moments where you can enjoy these emotions again.

3. To Encourage a Timeless Way of Being

A “timelessness way of being” is a kind of positive attitude and self-belief where an individual is undeterred by their age to do, be, and accomplish anything they want.  They have an unshakable notion that things will “happen” in due time or divine time.

As you physically track the good things that happen to and for you, you see how you’re getting the things you want in life. Inevitably, the joys you witness have a lot to do with your wants, desires, and needs. Keeping track of them brings the realization that you did it, got it, or accomplished it!

As time passes, you see that everything you’ve put your heart, thought, and action into have materialized. It also works the other way. Per the Law of Attraction—if your thoughts and actions aren’t positive in nature—then your reality won’t be as good or joyful.

4. To Support Good Health

As you experience more good days than bad—because you’re constantly on the look-out for your “miracles” as it were—you’re a lot happier. When you’re in a good mood, your body is less stressed which supports your well-being.

Stress contributes to illness and disease. Paying attention to your joyful moments by writing them down can be part of your holistic stress management. When you successfully handle stress your quality of life improves—mind, body, and spirit happiness baby!

5. To Fall in Love with Your Life

“Be in love with your life. Every minute of it.” ~ Jack Kerouac

This is a no-brainer. If you’re paying attention—daily—to the great stuff that is happening to and for you—you’re going to say, “Life is good!”

Falling in love with your life is inevitable when you have a positive mindset, when you’re attracting more of what you want, when you’re getting stuff done, and when you’re feeling good and empowered.

See how great you have it, feel gratitude for your abundance, and be in love with your life by monitoring your daily joys. At the end of the year, reflect and reminisce on the happy moments you’ve had and let it motivate you to do more good so you can continue to experience the same. Let’s start the year with our best foot forward by promising to keep track of all the wonderful things that happen to us (and if you’re so moved, make note of the amazing things you see happening in the world too) in 2016 in a keepsake jar.

Rumi said, “What you seek is seeking you.”

So be on the look out for joy and joy—my dears—will find you!

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