21 New Year Resolutions for a Timeless Way of Being

21 New Year Resolutions for a Timeless Way of Being

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New Year resolutions are sometimes the butt of jokes. I saw a meme that had a picture of Robert Downey Jr. rolling his eyes and saying, “Almost time for that ‘New Year, New me’ bullshit.”

It ‘s funny, but sadly, truth-telling. New Year resolutions can be a bit foolish.

The sentiment and intentions of people who want to change is real. The foolish part comes from having unreasonable expectations, poor planning, and  insufficient convictions about the resolution.

Plainly, people ask of themselves such drastic changes that are unrealistic and don’t work with their personality, lifestyle, and most importantly — their real life goals.

Recently, I wrote an article, “Be Successful with Your New Year Resolutions by Getting to the Heart of the Matter” The post essentially says that before we can have our ideal weight, dream job, soul-mate (whatever your New Year resolution may be), we need to address the deeper reason why we have yet to make it real for ourselves. I urge you to read that post, along with this one, to get a full view on how this year you could actually check off some of the promises you made to yourself.

Along with not addressing the deeper problem and having unrealistic expectations, some reasons New Year resolutions fail are because they don’t fit the personality of the individual, the effort needed doesn’t work with their lifestyle, and the promise doesn’t really meet their life goals.

For example, a person may have a New Year resolution to “Meet their soul-mate.” First, this is one of those wishes that we truly have no control over. We could feel intensely that this is what we must do, but the universe may have a whole other agenda for us. This resolution then falls in the category of “unrealistic expectation” and believe it or not — “not meeting life goals.”

You may want to argue with me about the last part, but hear me out. The reason a person wants to meet their soul-mate is because they want to feel more love in their lives? Would you agree? If so, then the real goal is “Feeling more love.” And if we focus our efforts on “feeling more love” we will surely be more successful.

People want change in their lives and the New Year is a great opportunity to create some.

The New Year brings with it a motivating energy, enlivening you to make new choices and rousing you to have new dreams. It is a perfect time to focus on you.

Here are 21 New Year resolutions for you that are lifestyle, personality, and real-life goal friendly. These resolutions are timeless — good for now and the rest of your life.

This year…

 1. I will heal myself.

2. I will take care of myself like I would a loved one.

3. I will do the best I can with what I have, then do better when I am able.

4. I will focus on what I can control — my thoughts, actions, and reactions.

5. I will love more.

6. I will laugh more.

7. I will play more.

8. I will spend more time with family and friends.

9. I will be open to new adventures and opportunities.

10. I will sing in the shower.

11.I will work on a fun hobby.

12. I will read more books I like.

13. I will dance more.

14. I will do something I’ve never done before at least once!

15. I will go somewhere I’ve never been before.

16. I will smile more.

17. I will speak up more.

18. I will give more hugs.

19. I will spend more time in nature.

20. I will rest more.

21. I will kiss more.

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Timeless life goals are happiness and love. May you have them in abundance now and forever.

Your coach,



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