The 14 Day Ageless Lifestyle Makeover Challenge Series

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Welcome to my 14 Day Ageless Lifestyle Makeover Challenge series!

The purpose of the challenge was to inspire you to make easy changes that would create more health, vibrancy, confidence, and timelessness in your life.  It covered food, skin care, fashion style, fitness, and so much more! Each day touched on a topic that helped you be your best at any age.

Here are the 14 days worth of lessons:

The winner of the drawing has been chosen and notified. Thank you to everyone who participated. If you’re just discovering this challenge now—do it on you own and reap the benefits of a more ageless lifestyle!

Last thoughts…

If you want to change your life—become healthier, happier, more fulfilled, and so on—you need to change your mind. Change your thoughts and feelings about whatever it is that’s causing you to fail in some way and live less than you are. You have the power within you to make any circumstance better. Good luck my sister and watch this video on the power of a changed mind.

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