Interview with Kath Rivera Beauty Blogger Extraordinaire

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Like the conscious girly-girl I am, I love natural beauty products — it’s the only way to go!

I came across Kath Rivera’s blog when I was searching for natural ways to whiten my sun spots. (I’ve used lemon wedges with no success — boo!)

She’s a self-professed organic junkie and when I checked out her blog she had a plethora of product reviews on everything from beauty products to health supplements so I reached out to her!

Kath  is founder of a popular beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog for the Philippines. She writes about the latest trends, product launches, and reviews a ton of beauty and health related products. She’s partnered with GNC, Natura Organics, and IWhite Korea.

Kath was kind enough to share her vast knowledge on organic beauty products she loves, uses, and recommends for ageless beauty!

1. What’s your number one organic beauty product that you can’t live without?

Organic whitening soaps! I use two variants of organic whitening soaps everyday. I alternate brands that I like and I also choose the type to use depending on my skin care needs. My favorite organic whitening soap variants are kojic, calamansi, green papaya, papaya, bearberry and jicama

(Jeanne> I’m totally going to try these on my sun spots and will let you guys know how it goes!)

2. What skin-care line is really embracing the natural and organic movement and which product of theirs should we try?

Here in our country there are so many promising organic skin care brands sprouting like mushrooms, but I can say only a few of them made into my list. These brands offer 100% natural and organic ingredients on their products. They have certifications from different organizations and federations on organic skin care products. The prices of their skin care products ranges from affordable to cost-effective ones.

The skin care lines are: Natura Organics, Be Organic Bath and Body, All Organics, Human Heart Nature and Snoe. I included all of these brands in my list being Natura Organics on top because these brands really embraced the organic movement by producing quality, safe, and natural skin care products. Some of these brands also make their products for a cause.

Click below to see a list of the products that you should try from each brand.

3. You’ve teamed up with GNC and have reviewed lots of their products and supplements. Which natural products do you use and recommend?

1. Resvitale Collagen Enhance Vegetarian Capsules

(Jeanne> From the GNC webiste it’s suppose to: ‘Smoothes the looks of lines and wrinkles and boosts skin’s luminosity, texture & firmness’ — I don’t take supplements, but after reading the label I might try these!)

2. GNC Herbal Plus Green Tea Complex

(Jeanne> From the GNC webiste it’s suppose to: ‘EGCG Supports Metabolism’ — I drink green tea matcha every day, but I guess these vegetarian capsuls will work too. Let me know if you try them out ;-))

3. GNC Total Lean Stevia

(Jeanne> Stevia is a great natural sweetener! But remember, limit sugar intake because it causes premature aging.)

 4. What is the one thing — product or lifestyle habit — that helps you stay looking ageless?

For product that would be organic moisturizers like emu, sunflower and argan oil infused. These beauty oils gives wonders naturally! If you want to stay ageless, always drink water! Lots and lots of water! Hydration is the key to having a young and supple skin.

5. What are your tops 3 picks for organic and natural beauty products? (Best lipstick, best mascara, whatever you think is worth the money and gives great results!)

 1. Lipstick- Natura Organics Lipstick

2. Powder Foundation- Snoe Poudre Extraordinaire

3. Eyeshadow/Eyeliner- Virginia Olsen Minerals

Official Bio: Kath or Kathy is a stay-at-home-mom who’ll be work-at-home-mom soon. She loves to surf the net, play online games and read anything about skin care, fashion and makeup. Even though she’s a late bloomer in the world of cosmetics, her eagerness to explore and learn important things about beauty gives herself a boost on self-confidence. A self-confessed organic junkie and clean freak.

Check out her blog for more product reviews and insight!

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