How to Think Yourself Ageless

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I started the Inspire Youthful blog to share what I personally do to practice ageless living.

One of those practices has been to create positive, believable thoughts about myself that promoted my lifestyle.

Since around 2003 (when I turned 30) I’ve been saying these key phrases to myself…

“I am ageless. I am youthful inside and out. Time doesn’t affect me.”

I’m telling you this not to brag about how young I look or youthful I feel, but so that I may impress upon you how I have benefited from my  positive thoughts about myself, aging, and time.

I believe that my deepest thoughts—the thoughts that I believe to be true for myself—have shaped my reality where I possess an ageless body and persona.

With having clearly defined thoughts such as these, I influenced my behavior in every scenario of life where the only possible outcome for myself was to manifest a healthy, happy, and timeless reality.

How I’ve Benefited from this Way of Thinking

With the above thought beliefs in my head, would I choose to be a smoker? Would I choose to drink heavily on a consistent basis? Would majority of my nutrition come from  processed foods? Would I prefer to sit on my couch and watch endless TV?

You know the answer would be no because all the things I mentioned would cause me to age faster, be unhealthy,  look wizened, and not have youthful energy which would go against my beliefs.

Why would a person, who deeply believed they were “ageless, youthful inside and out, and that time doesn’t affect them” ever act that way? They simply would not.

You know that such a person would behave in a way that supported their deepest beliefs. More importantly, it would not occur to that person to sabotage those deep beliefs because that would be unnatural and unlike them.

Would you agree that if you had a deep belief that cheating on a loved one would be the worst thing you could do to them, that somehow you would be able to go out and cheat on them? You probably wouldn’t be able to. It would not occur to you to hurt them that way. It would be unnatural and unlike you.

Let me ask you this…

How do you feel about aging?

How do you see yourself in relation to aging?

How do you feel about time?

How do you see yourself in relation with time- has it been your friend or foe?

The reason I’m asking is because I want you to clearly see how you view yourself. I want you to be aware of your deepest thought beliefs regarding aging and time. Then I want you to wonder how those thoughts have manifested in your reality.

Here are more questions to ask yourself…

Do you see yourself as growing old?

Do you freak out at the thought of someone asking you your age?

Do you dread birthdays, saying it’s just “another sign that I’m running out of time.”

Are you always in a rush worried that the years are passing you by?

Does your internal thought belief sound something like the famous quote, “Youth is wasted on the young!!!”

The preceding questions and phrases were actual thoughts that came up naturally  when I spoke to various people about the subject of aging. In my experience, I found that the people who said these phrases said them consistently, almost like a mantra. Perhaps you may even know some people who think this way about aging and time.

Do you think their “not-so-positive” thoughts about themselves, aging, and time have contributed to their behaviors, guiding their life choices, and creating their reality?

You know the answer.

I use the term “not-so-positive” because most of these thoughts aren’t negative. They are just not the ideal thoughts to have if you want to possess an ageless body and persona.

What thought beliefs would you like to nurture so that your behavior is influenced to support your ageless lifestyle?

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An ageless lifestyle is about possessing optimal health, mind-body-spirit coherence, and exuding a timeless way of being.

If you would like  help in creating a more ageless lifestyle, then check out my life-coaching services.


Your coach,


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