Day 5: Reclaim Your Beauty Sleep for Mind, Body, and Soul

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Welcome to my 14 Day Ageless Lifestyle Makeover Challenge series!

The purpose of the challenge was to inspire you to make easy changes that would create more health, vibrancy, confidence, and timelessness in your life.  It covered food, skin care, fashion style, fitness, and so much more! Each day touched on a topic that helped you be your best at any age.

Here are the 14 days worth of lessons:

The winner of the drawing has been chosen and notified. Thank you to everyone who participated. If you’re just discovering this challenge now—do it on you own and reap the benefits of a more ageless lifestyle!

Beauty sleep is not just for looks; though there is truth in the words — the benefits of a restful night sleep also extend to your mind, body, and spirit.

Get beauty sleep for a beautiful mind — by this I mean clear and sharp!

Unhurried sleep and relaxation are necessary to have a healthy brain. It helps support a memory and cognitive function. Whereas lack of sleep impairs reasoning, problem-solving, and dumbs you down.

A study on mice showed that during sleep the brain releases toxins that accumulate during the day. The University of Rochester Medical center found that cerebrospinal fluid — a liquid that covers the brain and spine — may help remove brain toxins through a series of channels that expand during sleep. They believe this system of clearing can dissipate beta-amyloid a protein toxin that amasses in the brains of people with Alzheimer. Another study has shown that lack of sleep may shrink the brain and worsens as you age.

Get beauty sleep for a beautiful body – by this I mean rested and ready for action!

During sleep is when your body truly relaxes. Your breathing calms, heart rate slows, blood pressure drops, and muscles relax. In this state, the body restores and reenergizes itself. This is the optimal time for the body to repair tissues and cells helping you stay healthy and ageless.

Conversely, being deprived of sleep may lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, weight gain, and a weakened physical state. Lack of sleep will take away the body’s essential healing time which unchecked will wreak havoc on everything from body function to body appearance hastening the aging process.

Get beauty sleep for your soul – by this I mean awakened and connected!

It is my belief that during deep sleep — when you are able to dream — you become connected to higher spiritual states. Through your dreams subconscious thoughts play out, other worlds come alive, and you become aware of hidden understanding – wisdom not available to you when you’re awake.

For intuitive women — or women who wish to become more intuitive — the dream/sleep state is a great way to develop this skill. I have found that awareness in your dreams leads to awareness in your reality. (All good stuff to help you be a she-ro sister!)

Your DAY 5 Challenge:

Try to increase your beauty sleep!

Each person is slightly different when it comes to how many hours they need to get a good night sleep. One way to gauge if you are getting enough sleep is to monitor your energy levels when you wake. Are you tired or do you feel energized? Also, how do you look – is your skin bright and looking well-rested? Or do your eyes look red and skin look pallid? The answers to these questions will let you know if you need more sleep.

If you find that you need to reclaim your beauty sleep then fix your sleep cycle so that you can have more restful sleep. Create a sleep schedule that blocks out time where you will make an effort to sleep more.

For example, if you’re only getting 5 hours of sleep, schedule yourself to go to bed earlier and try to get 5 ½. Do that for a few days, then go to bed a little earlier again and try for 6 hours. Each day check in with yourself — do you feel better? If so, then maintain those hours or try for even more sleep and see how much better you feel. Remember — YOU ARE THE SCIENTIST OF YOU!

You may also try…

  • A warm shower or bath before bed to relax the mind and body for a more restful sleep.
  • Lavender oil mixed with olive oil or almond oil helps to calm the body and senses.
  • Deep focused breathing while laying down helps to relax the mind and muscles.
  • Self-massage with a ball or foam roller increases blood flow and releases muscle tension helping you to be more relaxed.

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