8 Benefits of Good Posture

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Posture – we hear a lot about it but what exactly is it?

Posture is simply the position that you keep while you are sitting, standing or lying.

When you have good posture you will put the least amount of strain on your supporting muscles and ligaments when you are active and your body is moving.

Here are 8 Benefits of Good Posture:

1. Good Digestion

Good digestion is directly linked to your overall good health. When you can keep your rib cage in proper position, your digestion system is free and open and can work easier.

2. Stops the Development of a Bad Back

Back problems are a common problem that far too many people suffer from. Back pain can be extremely painful and it can even be debilitating. Good posture can make a huge difference and relieve pain.

3. Breathe Easier

Shallow breathing is common with those who suffer from other health issues. When your posture improves, your muscles will relax and that can improve your respiration.

4. Reduce Tension

Most of us deal with tension at one time or another. It can make your shoulders and upper back have tightness and pain. Proper posture can help to reduce tension.

5. Improved Concentration

Research has shown that good posture actually improves your concentration and your mental performance. One study showed that when we are more relaxed and tension free, we breathe better and thus perform better.

Your brain needs 20 percent oxygen to work properly. When you breathe properly, you think clearer and have better concentration.

6. Muscle Tone

As we age, we lose muscle tone. It’s often referred to as the “middle-age spread” because we tend to see it some time after 35 years of age.

The stomach is often the area most hit.  From an inactive lifestyle to constantly sitting behind a desk or car, the muscles in your abdomen and core become weaker as you age.

Working on your posture can help to strengthen the stomach, back, and pelvic muscles which comprise your core.

7. Improve Your Image

 When you have good posture you feel more attractive and look more confident. With good posture, you will come across as assertive and self-assured. You will feel better about yourself because you are self-confident.

Try this experiment. Sit slumped over for 30 seconds – how do you feel? Now sit up straight for 30 seconds – do you notice the difference?

8. Avoid Some Health Issues

Backache, chest pressure, slipped disc, poor circulation of blood, etc. that’s just a few of the health concerns that better posture can help with.

Good posture leaves you looking better and feeling better. That self-confidence that you portray in your stance – suddenly that is just how you feel, and as you begin to enjoy the health benefits of better posture, your physical body will also feel better!

Far too many of us grew up with bad posture and never once thought about it. As I firmly believe it’s never too late to improve the quality of our lives, now is as good a time as any to work on improving your posture and begin enjoying the long-term benefits.

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