6 Ageless Beauty Tips to Weatherproof Your Face & Hands in the Winter

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Winter season is in full effect and this is the time when our skin — especially the tender skin on the face — can get damaged by the elements.

Cold weather dries the skin and can create bumps and irritations due to the freezing temperatures and dry atmosphere. Lips are prone to chapping and the skin around the nose can peel and redden because of broken capillaries from blowing our noses and being exposed to the cold.

Winter is the time where we can amass the most wrinkles because of dry skin and harsh winds that hit the skin around the eyes and forehead. Making matters worse, it’s darker outside and so we don’t use our sunglasses as much to protect our eyes and the skin around the eyes.

Air pollution also affects the quality and health of our skin. Hot weather brings about  certain pollution issues mainly the ozone, and things that relate to ultraviolet radiation and sunlight. Winter has its own seasonal air pollutants such as increased carbon monoxide, nitrates, and sulfur coming from both home and commercial use. Increased energy use to heat homes and buildings from using furnaces, fireplaces, to industrial coal-burning — depending on where you live — the winter season can have more impact on your skin and overall health.

6 Ageless Beauty Tips to “Weatherproof” Your Face & Hands in the Winter

1. Moisturize Religiously

Increase the amount of moisturizer you use. Apply double the amount you normally use especially at night to penetrate and protect your skin during the day — think pre-load! Apply moisturizer throughout the day if you’re working or playing outside.

I use natural oils such as olive, coconut, vitamin E, and argan oil to moisturize my face. Combining oils work for my skin type so here is what I do for day and evening::

  • For the day, I use a combination of equal parts olive oil and argan oil.

In the evening::

  • For deep moisturizing I use equal parts vitamin E oil and olive oil.
  • For skin redness or irritation I use equal parts coconut oil and olive oil.
  • For skin rejuvenation I mix a 2-3 drops of vitamin C serum and olive oil.

Try not to use any alcohol based moisturizer or skin toner as this will dry out your skin. Only use organic oils and moisturizers because we don’t need pesticides on our faces. If you need to learn how to find out what moisturizer is best for your skin, read my very popular How to have Ageless Glowing Skin. Also read 7 Body Skin Energizing Techniques to Improve Blood Flow, Skin Texture, and Vibrancy.

2. Exfoliate Often

Exfoliate your skin every day (less for sensitive skin) to remove dead skin cells and air particulates — dirt and pollutants — that may be embedded in your skin. Dead skin cells can make skin look flaky and patchy and can clog pores causing bumps. Dirt can irritate skin especially if you sleep on it. Even if you don’t exfoliate, you should wash your face every evening and apply fresh moisturizer for general skin health and vibrancy.

3. Cover Your Face

Protect your facial skin.  Wear a hat or beanie to cover your forehead in extreme cold to prevent drying and the creation of fine lines.

Wear sunglasses even if it’s not sunny to protect your eyes and so that the tender skin around the eyes doesn’t get dry or  develop fine lines from wind and pollutants. I own a pair of lightly tinted sun glasses which I specifically use in the winter.  Wearing sunglasses helps in the prevention of crows feet as sunglasses stop you from squinting due to the sun rays or wind.

Use a scarf or muffler to cover your neck, cheeks, lip, and nose area when you’re walking outside to protect your skin and to limit the amount of environmental pollutants you breathe in.

4. Nourish Your Lips

Protect your lips with non-toxic lip treatments. I use coconut oil or olive oil to moisturize my lips. I like natural lip balms and moisturizing lipsticks and tints. Also, avoid licking your lips too often because this will cause it to chap more easily.

5. Give Your Face Weekly Treatments

Jeanne loves her skin roller!Treat your skin to a hydrating face mask like one made of 1 mashed avocado with a teaspoon of honey or equal parts mixture of apple-cider vinegar and natural calcium bentonite clay for “winter healing” and anti-aging benefits!  I love using my “face roller” to help with collagen production and increase skin blood flow and then applying 100% Pure’s Super Fruits Reparative Cream. I also use my Clarisonic a few times a month to aid  in the skin cycle process so that new and vibrant skin is revealed faster. 😉

6. Safe-guard Your Hands

Use gloves to protect your hands. The skin on your hands can easily get dry, cracked, and can toughen and roughen from being exposed to wind and freezing temperatures.

Moisturize your hands regularly after washing. Do not use harsh antibacterial soaps as it dries your skin, removes your natural oils disturbing the balance of your acid mantel (your natural defense system against bacteria), and can make you susceptible to super bugs. If you feel that your nail beds and skin around the nails are suffering from the cold, rub a drop of your favorite oil into them.

How to Manage Your Skin When You are Sick

Be gentle when blowing your nose to limit broken capillaries. Add extra moisturizer to your nose to prevent peeling. Apply more lip moisturizer as lips tend to get dry, chapped, and cracked when you’re fighting a cold. Increase your fluid intake to stay hydrated which helps you get well and keeps your skin from drying out.

If you’re taking any medication which may dry out your skin such as cold medicines, antihistamines, and antibiotics — along with hydrating and getting adequate electrolytes — also take probiotics such as Kefir, kombucha, and fermented foods to improve gut flora which will help you get better as well as improve your skin health. Apply even more moisturizer on your skin when you’re sick because the skin — your largest organ — is “neglected” when your body systems are busy at “work” getting the rest of you better.

And if your face is puffy and you have sinus congestion, do my famous lymphatic facial flush massage! (This is my most visited post! Say NO to puff & mucus!)

Enjoy the winter season as it’s a great time to play outside — bundled up and skin protected of course! Then head inside to eat a home-cooked, hearty, healthy meal, and snuggle to a good rom-com or listen to your favorite music. I just discovered this artist Daniela Andrade’s Christmas EP and her voice is absolutely beautiful. I feel so relaxed and peaceful listening to her. Check out this cute video and my favorite song on the album.

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