5 Crystals for Health and Longevity

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Are you looking for ways to improve the quality of your life? Like having better health, increased happiness, and more balance?

Perhaps you’re even interested in increasing your life span?

How about making life a touch more magical? (Why not?!)

Crystals are a great way to improve your well-being and longevity. They are beautiful and certainly look magical, but their abilities to positively affect your life are scientific. Of course if you prefer to think that mother nature is working her magic on you, then by all means — believe it!

How do crystals work?

Crystals, like all matter are made of energy and emit a frequency. Crystals in particular, because of their fixed repeating molecular pattern emit a high frequency. When you are in the presence of crystals, your frequency is affected — it becomes entrained to that of the crystal. In physics this is called the principle of entrainment.

Entrainment (physics), the process whereby two interacting oscillating systems assume the same period

Your lower frequency moves into resonance with the crystals higher frequency creating greater complexity, reducing entropy, and bringing your body into better health and longevity.

A crystal will have a constant resonant frequency or dominant oscillary rate whereas a human being will have varied frequencies. Everything in our body, from cells, organs, and even our thoughts emit a different frequency.

I like using the metaphor of a symphony orchestra. Have in your mind that these different parts of you (cells, organs, thoughts, etc.) are separate instruments that make up your orchestra. Just as each instrument has its own unique sound, each cell has its own distinct frequency.

When we are healthy and balanced all these frequencies are in harmony; when our orchestra plays, we sound fantastic. What happens if one of our instruments is out of tune? Then our symphony will sound off — we’ll be in disharmony.

Humans, because of our complex lives fall easily into this “out of tune” dilemma. Our instruments (cells, organs, thoughts, etc.) can be affected by things such as stress, food, activity, lack of sleep, pollution, and EMF’s (electromagnet fields) to name a few.

This falling “out of tune” — a disorder of our harmony — is called entropy. It takes an effort on our part — as the conductor — to continually keep our symphony orchestra in order.

Crystals, because of their perfect geometric makeup and inherent complexity have a harder time going into entropy.  Basically, they don’t get “out of tune” easily. In fact, they keep order very well, consistently emitting a high frequency.

These crystal properties make them ideal to help us stay in harmony. The crystals stable high frequency can influence our varying lower frequency. In this way, the crystals help our symphony stay in ‘opening-night’ playing order! (Tantadada!)

Here are 5 crystals for health and longevity:

Amethyst – Helps with physical, emotional, and mental balance. Good for hormones, immune system, and nervous system.

Citrine – Helps to bring about joy, happiness, and abundance. Good for digestive system, tissue regeneration, and heart health.

Garnet – Helps with vitality, flow, and abundance. Good for blood flow, emotional balance, and a healthy sex drive.

Quartz – Helps with quality of life, improving energy, mental focus, and relieves negative energy. Good for heart health.

Tourmaline — Helps with mental health and healing. Good for digestion, lymphatic system, and aids in detoxing.

There are over 4000 crystals, stones, and minerals. Each of them has their own special metaphysical qualities.  Crystal healing has been around for thousands of years so there is a plethora of information available. There are certainly more crystals than what I listed above to help with health and longevity, but this is a good place to start.

Place crystals in your home, especially by your bed. Wear them on your person.  Work with a crystal healer like myself to help you find more life harmony.  Either way, make sure you know which crystals you’re using and what their healing qualities are so you get the outcome you desire.

One way to incorporate crystals in your daily life is to drink a crystal elixir. A crystal elixir, also called a gem elixir is water entrained to the vibrations of the crystals used. Please be cautious when making crystal elixirs as some crystals are toxic. With that said, let me share with you my elixir for ageless living 😉

Inspire Youthful Crystal Elixir

2014-10-20 10.22.14What you need:

1. Glass water jug

2. Water

3. Crystals: 2 amethyst, 2 citrine, 1 quartz

(OR you can use 3 chevron amethysts as it has quartz in it already + 2 citrine OR 4 ametrine because that’s amethyst and citrine together + 1 quartz)

4. Pen, paper, and tape

5. Sunshine


1. Wash crystals and place them in water jug

2. Fill jug with water

3. Bless the water — say to the water, ‘Good health, long life, joyful existence’ or something to that effect (Read the works of Masaru Emoto to learn more about the power of water blessings)

4. Write out the words: joy, health, youthful, love, and gratitude then tape it to the water jug with the words facing the water (You don’t have to do #4 if you did #3 or vice versa — do what’s easiest)

5. Let it “marinate” under the sun to get prana energy for even more potency

Drink this water everyday for health and longevity! (Bottoms up!)

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